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"Young Artists Biennale 2017": Touching the Breath of Life

As diversified as the colors of life, the works of art displayed at the exhibition "Young Artists Biennale 2017" which took place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ho Chi Minh City last week, have traced the rhythm of life and seem to touch the breath of contemporary society.
With the theme "Youth - Innovation - Integration", the exhibition attracted the participation of 107 artists and art groups across the country with 158 works of different materials and genres of art, such as painting, sculpture, artistic video and installation arts.

They all reflect the exceptional evolution of young painters from different localities, contributing to the overall development of contemporary arts in Vietnam.

From the luminous and dark angles of life, the dependence of technology, the insensitivity of modern man and trust to the biggest issues such as environmental disasters and climate change, all were expressed thanks to the artists’ creativity. 

A visitor looking at a piece of art on synthetic material.

A foreign tourist taking pictures.

A lively corner in the space of the " Young Artists Biennale 2017".

Young painters showed the variety of genres and ideas ...

... to the forms and styles.

Many works seem to touch the breath of contemporary life.

" Young Artists Biennale 2017" showed 158 art works from 107 authors and groups...

According to painter Nguyen Trung Tin, Chairman of the Arts Council of "Young Artists Biennale 2017", young artists breathed new life into the works. Most of the works are of high quality. However, an accurate assessment is needed in order to enable them to develop in the years to come.

Nguyen Trung Tin, painter Huynh Van Muoi - President of the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association added, "A more comfortable, wider exhibition space is needed in abid to allow artists to fully express their ideas.”

The art council has selected the best works. The group of authors Nguyen Phuong Quyen, Tran Thi Ngoc Suong and Nguyen Giang won first prize with "Alluvial Eyes".

Two-second prizes belong to HoThi Ngoc Anh with "Cathedral" (lacquer) and Nguyên  Hoai Huyen Vu with "La Rue" (installation works).

Le Xuân Cang with "2nd Promotion"  (synthetic), Le Dinh Chinh with “Morning” (lacquer) and Le Quoc Hoan with “Woman Stories” (video art) won third prize.

The contest was launched nationwide last November by the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association, Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts and Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum.

“The alluvial Eyes" from Nguyen Phuong Quyen, Tran Thi Suong, Nguyen Ngoc Giang Thanh won first prize.

Lacquer painting "Morning" by Le Dinh Chinh won 3rd Prize.

Installation Art "True and False" by Hoàng Thanh Phong.

"Visible and Invisible" on synthetic materials by Nguyen Tri Minh Tuyet.

Wood sculptures "In Maternal Arms" by Tran Van Toan.

"Mother and Child" in alumina composite by Tran Van Thuoc.

A composite work by Pham Dinh Tien.

"Woman Remembering Her Husband at Night " in copper by Vu Van Sang.

“Technology” in synthetic materials by Ho Quoc Le.

"Sudden Rain, Sudden Sun" in copper by Nguyen Uyen Khoang.

"Beginning of Winter" in copper by Vu Van Sang.

"Virtual World" in synthetic materials by Nguyen Uyen Khoang

Launched for the first time in 2009, the contest aims to encourage creativity and diversification of materials, and honour artworks reflecting contemporary life through the eyes of young Vietnamese artists and contributing to the development of Vietnamese contemporary fine arts.
By Nguyen Oanh