Xuan Thi, emotions of spring

More than 60 lacquer paintings, canvas paintings, and water colour paintings focusing on the theme of spring created by six overseas artists are being displayed at the exhibition Xuan Thi 2 (Spring Time 2) at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. The paintings express the artists' unique feelings for spring in Vietnam.
Explaining the name of the exhibition, artist Thanh Le said: “ Spring is a situation of emotions as well as a transition of nature. However, spring is not the same on different continents where each person also feels about spring in their own unique way. Tet holiday in Vietnam can  be a cold winter night in California, when overseas Vietnamese hastily finish their night shift and come back home to burn some incense, admiring a newly cut branch of peach blossom.”

Spring in artist Thanh Le's mind is connected with lotus flowers. Lotus flowers depicted in his paintings have movement and emotion, containing both joy and sadness continuously on the way to infinity. In many of his paintings, the lotus blossoms have withered but still convey the impression of hope and resilient freshness. The flowers also project an impression of women who are gentle and charming. Artist Thanh Le put much effort into each depiction of lotus flowers to tell an implicit story of human life.

The paintings displayed at Xuan Thi express the artists' unique feelings for spring in Vietnam.

The beauty of spring is shown through flowers.

Each painter has their own way of depicting spring.

The exhibition gives audience emotions about the country and people of Vietnam.


Differently, artist Dieu Thuy depicts spring through objects that are used frequently in the daily life of Vietnamese such as tables, clothes, rice bowls and chopsticks. Her paintings express the humbleness of life through common objects that people living away from their home land often miss. The spring depicted in her paintings is a spring when peace is everywhere. Dieu Thuy does not use paint brushes but uses her hands to paint. The strokes in her paintings still have the softness that deliver emotions. She is a famous figure in contemporary Vietnamese fine arts circles and is highly evaluated by international arts collectors.

Each painter has a different way to depict spring. Dieu Ha sees spring in the radiance of peony flowers, Tieu Linh and Ngoc Anh depict a typical Vietnamese spirit via paintings of signature flowers and plants such as orchids, chrysanthemums and bamboo. Dinh Nghi reflects the beauty of spring via paintings of girls in their youth.

Dinh Thi Hong Tham, a lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City College of Civil Construction, a visitor to the exhibition said, "I can see different stories of life in these paintings but they all look forward to the beautiful future like the beauty of spring".

Visiting exhibition "Xuan Thi 2" at Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts in district 1, people have the opportunity to admire the beauty of spring seen through intriguing views of artists.

By artist Dieu Thuy.

By artist Dieu Ha.

Paintings by artist Ngoc Anh.

By artist Dinh Nghi

By artist Thanh Le.

Paintings by artist Tieu Linh.

Another piece by Ngoc Anh.

Story:  Nguyen Oanh - Photos: Nguyen Luan

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