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Viet Quang bamboo and rattan

Viet Quang bamboo and rattan company is well known in Phu Vinh traditional craft village, Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi. They make many unique products imbued with the Vietnamese culture trait.
According to Hanoi new rural coordination office’s results of OCOP product classification and evaluation, the bamboo and rattan products of Viet Quang company were granted certificates by the Hanoi People's Committee for four-star OCOP products. These products consist of a dragon scale knitting lamp set, trio bowl, lattice basket, rectangular tray, paper box, pen box set and fruit tray.

Although they have simple and rustic shapes, the bamboo and rattan products of Viet Quang company require sophisticated knitting techniques without using machinery. Thanks to the skillful hands of the craftspeople, Viet Quang products have many differences compared to other products on the market.

The director of Viet Quang company, Nguyen Van Tinh is known for his products such as portraits, landscape paintings and horizontal lacquered boards made from bamboo and rattan. Tinh’s father is Nguyen Van Khieu who was the first person to successfully knit a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh using bamboo and rattan. 


 Carefully selecting material. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Artisan Nguyen Van Tinh with his products. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

At the workshop. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

The craft requires meticulousity from artisans. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Measuring dimensions to achieve uniformity in products. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP

Viet Quang products have many differences compared to other products on the market. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Painting for products. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP
Drying products. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP 

Tinh started learning the craft when he was 10 years old. By the age of 17, he had good techniques in the knitting process and mixing materials to finish each product. He got better and better each day. In 1986, he got his first award, the gold medal of handicraft products, awarded by the Central Union of Handicraft Cooperatives. He was honored as a meritorious artisan by the Hanoi People’s Committee in 2009.

His sons are Nguyen Van Binh and Nguyen Phuong Quang and have been granted as artisans. Nguyen Phuong Quang was the youngest artisan in the Phu Vinh craft village. Quang received the artisan certificate in 2012 when he was 28 years old. In 2016, Nguyen Phuong Quang was honored as meritorious artisan by the President of Vietnam.

All of the members in Nguyen Van Tinh’s family are never satisfied with their products. They are constantly studying and creating new models. Thanks to the skills of Tinh and his sons, rattan and bamboo sticks are turned into unique works of art.

A dragon scale knitting lamp set. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Unique knitting products made from Phu Vinh village are favored by customers. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Part of displaying area at Viet Quang company. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP

Various products at Viet Quang bamboo and rattan company. Photo: Khanh Long/VNP
By Khanh Long & Cong Dat        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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