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TVO spreads love of expats for Vietnamese

Thanks to Tieng Viet Oi (TVO) - Vietnamese Lessons, numerous expats and foreigners have gotten closer to Vietnamese culture by learning to speak the language.

Discussing to improve the level of students. 


TVO provides fun and practical Vietnamese lessons to all expats and foreigners living and working in and outside of Vietnam. It is easy to see happy faces and hear nice voices of learners on Vietnamese learning classes of TVO.

At a lesson of TVO, Dan, David Evans (American) and John (Australian) said that Vietnamese is quite difficult to learn but really interesting and enjoyable. The three people are teachers of Math and English at international schools in Vietnam. They learn Vietnamese to support their works and understand more about native cultures and locals’ life.

During six years of working in Vietnam, Dan has worked hard to learn Vietnamese. David Evans has studied the unique language for five years and he is determined to be able to teach math in Vietnamese in the near future. He confidently participated in a game show about Vietnamese (Vua Tieng Viet) on television. After four years of studying Vietnamese, John has created teaching videos in Vietnamese to help his friends learn using the videos. 

A Vietnamese lesson for foreigners in TVO. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP
Playing games to better understand Vietnamese words. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP 

Writing a paragraph about daily activities. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP
Unique games at a lesson. Photo: Files
Discussing to improve the level of students.
A Vietnamese lesson for foreigners in TVO. Photo: File
The joy of foreign students learning Vietnamese through idioms and folk songs. Photo: Files
An one-on-one lesson. 


An one-on-one lesson.


Foreign students write congratulatory cards to Vietnamese teachers. Photo: Files

TVO's teachers in Hanoi. Photo: Files 


TVO was founded in 2013 by Lan and Hoang Anh when they were Vietnamese teachers. Lan and Hoang Anh had a common idea to connect Vietnamese teachers who have the same passion for teaching, sharing the workload and helping each other grow as well as spread the cultural value of the Vietnamese language to expats and foreigners living and working in Vietnam.

For 8 years of operation, TVO has attracted nearly 1,500 foreign learners with 40 teachers in Vietnam.

According to learners, TVO’s teachers are very enthusiastic. They not only teach Vietnamese, but also play and share work with their learners. Both teachers and learners consider learning Vietnamese as an important task which help them to exchange, expand their knowledge and discover the Vietnamese customs and culture.

Teacher Minh said that she has a student who attended 10 lessons in nine months. The reason was that many times she had go to class, the  student invited her to go out to eat and play. For her, they not only are students, but also her close friends. Through the exchanges, their Vietnamese is getting better and better because of the opportunity to interact.

When learning Vietnamese, foreign students always have high requirements for teacher qualification and they also study hard. Therefore teachers of TVO are carefully selected with good skills in English, pedagogy and background knowledge.

Teacher Trang reminded of her first lesson of a class. She had a student with special requirements, that Trang without translation and using English, taught academic words of Vietnamese. Every day, Trang had to stay up late to prepare lesson plans for the student. After two courses, the student's Vietnamese has raised at a new level and she is very confident.

In recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, besides off-line classes, TVO organized many online classes. Many students outside of Vietnam also attended the online classes. TVO has helped to connect students in over the world who love Vietnamese culture and life.

TVO: No.5, 295/8 alley, Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Phone number: (+84) 090 224 89 53




Story: Bich Van Photos: Cong Dat Translated by Nguyen Tuoi