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The Weaving Craft of Co Tu Ethnic People

The Co Tu ethic minority people live along the majestic Truong son mountain range. They are known for many sophisticated traditional crafts such as weaving, pottery, and  blacksmithing but the most special one is weaving.

No one knows how long ago the weaving craft of the Co Tu started. No matter what they do or where they work, the Co Tu is still attached to their weaving baskets. There are three significant kinds of baskets for the Co Tu. The three-compartment basket called a Xa Lech is for men. The small basket called a P'reng, decorated with unique patterns, is for children at festivals. A P'rom is for women to take gifts to their parents or to be used in a dance performance by Co Tu girls.

The Co Tu is weaving baskets. 

The Co Tu use sticks of rattan and bamboo as well as pineapple leaves in
their weaving.

Visitors learn about the Co Tu’s products. 

Visitors have an experience with weaving of the Co Tu. 
Tradiotional products made by Co Tu people. 

The weaving techniques of the Co Tu are very sophisticated. They weave rice baskets using a stitch weaving style. Baskets for carrying firewood are woven with bamboo laths  hexagonally or rattan in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. Children's baskets are incorporated with thick rattan and complexcross-cut techniques in a tubular body. Baskets for jewelry and brocade are woven with many different sophisticated methods. Due to their high durability, these baskets are gifts for distinguished guests or wedding presents.

Creativity has been springboard for the weaving products of the Co Tu. For whatever purpose the product serves, the daily life items of the Co Tu are delicate, convenient, and durable. The weaving profession suits everyday needs and contributes to preserving and promoting the cultural features of the Co Tu.

The Co Tu can now weave using new designs, bringing products into larger markets. This change encouraged young people to preserve and promote the traditional craft.

Xa lech, a three-compartment basket of the Co Tu

Woven products made by the Co Tu.

New products made by the Co Tu.

In the name of love for the craft culture of Vietnamese ethnic people, the Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT), in collaboration with Gallery 39, Tia Sang Magazine, and other organizations, has opened an exhibition introducing Co Tu weaving to visitors.


By VNP/Thanh Giang Translated by Hong Hanh

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