The vitality of Vietnamese ancient costumes

Designer Nguyen Duc Loc has been in love with ancient Vietnamese costumes for a long time. He has devoted much effort to restoring and introducing the traditional beauty of these costumes to the public, especially to the younger generations.
Loc has been fascinated with Vietnamese history since he was very young. He grew accustomed to designing, cutting and sewing cloth because his grandfather was a tailor. Growing up with a passion for culture and fashion, Loc began thinking about how to recover and preserve the ancient costumes, as well as bringing these gorgeous costumes closer to the people.

Following his passion, Loc established Y Van Hien Joint Stock company with his friends and started making Vietnamese costumes similar to the ancient designs he loved. Besides in-depth research, Loc visited relics, village houses and traditional weaving villages to learn more about making ancient costume designs. Loc also gets help and advice from researchers and experts on ancient costumes in order to comply with the sewing rules.

The models wear the costumes designed by Nguyen Duc Loc. 

Designer Nguyen Duc Loc with his collection.

Designer Nguyen Duc Loc - Representative of Y Van Hien joint stock company launches the collection.

In 2019, Loc decided to introduce the historical costume collection called "Cuu kien tan” (Future Written on the Past) during Vietnam International Beauty and Fashion Week 2019. The collection includes costumes representing the nobles of the Nguyen Dynasty with historical accuracy, ensuring a balance between authenticity and practicality, aesthetics and subtlety.

Those splendid Vietnamese costumes made by Y Van Hien display meticulousness and care in every detail, every stitch with clear patterns. He not only made costumes but also accessories such as hair covers, shoes, and jewelry which are made by skilled craftsmen after consulting with experts.

Loc’s collection helps younger generations learn more about Vietnamese costumes such as five-panel ao dai, Giao Linh costume (cross-collared robe) and Nhat Binh costume (square-collared garb).

“After many fashion shows, more and more young people love them and look for products of Y Van Hien. Many Vietnamese students studying abroad come back to Vietnam and order our costumes for their weddings,” said the young designer.

 The collection called "Cuu kien tan” (Future Written on the Past):

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Thanh Giang

Bringing Terraced Fields into Fashion

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