“Dai Viet Daisies and Sun” Collection

“Dai Viet Daisies and Sun” Collection

The collection “Dai Viet Daisies and Sun” by fashion designer Vu Lan Anh, founder of the famous Vietnamese ao dai brand La Sen Vu, has captivated fashion lovers with her ao dai designs imbued with a national cultural identity.


The collection is considered a bold and inspired fusion between the unique fashion sensibility of designer Vu Lan Anh and the cultural beauty of Vietnam. This is exemplified through each pattern on the traditional Vietnamese costume in the collection.

Vu Lan Anh carefully selected and stylized the iconic images of Northern Vietnamese culture, such as daisies and lotus flowers, cranes, dragons, pine trees, bamboo, apricot blossoms, and phoenixes, in order to honor the cultural heritage values and highlight the beauty and grace of Vietnamese women.


In addition, designer Vu Lan Anh also focused on selecting high-quality materials and utilizing various tailoring techniques to create unique ao dai designs. She useds silk, linen, velvet and brocade combined with hand embroidery, hand weaving, digital embroidery and especially intricate smocking techniques. The designer not only paid attention to designing, but also invested in accessories, creating exquisite details that are like artistic paintings on each ao dai.

The show of the “Dai Viet Daisies and Sun” collection has left a lasting impression on the audience by honoring the timeless beauty of Vietnamese cultural heritage. The collection's unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship perfectly showcase the beauty and grace of Vietnamese women, while paying homage to the country's rich history and culture.


Story: Ngan Ha/VNP Photos: Khanh Long Translated by Nguyen Tuoi