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Revival of the Thu Hong bamboo craft village

Established in 2016, the Thu Hong bamboo handicraft cooperative in Xuan Thu commune, Soc Son district gave confirmation for a revival of a bamboo craft of the locality. 
According to deputy director of the Thu Hong cooperative Nguyen Van Tua, the cooperative now has many projects of building bamboo houses in resorts and tourism areas nationwide. Thu Hong is the only place in the north which has the technique to make the most solid bamboo houses.

Thu Hong craftsmen have experiences and knowledge which was handed down from the previous generations. Customers nationwide know Thu Hong bamboo products have delicate details. Besides their experiences, good materials contribute to building the trademark off Thu Hong products. “Well treated bamboo and a suitable technique helps projects that will still be durable in a hundred years,” Tua said.

Bamboo trees are soaked in village pools for at least three years.

                                                                                                         Most of phases are made by hands.

Creating patterns. 

Splitting bamboo.

Knitting bamboo to create unique products. 

Assembling elements of a bamboo house. 

Finalizing a bamboo house. 

Good bamboo trees are selected carefully from Bac Kan province and then soaked in village pools for at least three years. Bamboo trees that have not been soaked for three years will not be used to make the houses. Tua said that he had to travel to Bac Ninh province to get 2m of bamboo to complete a house. 
With skill in making houses from bamboo in the north and the passion of its builders, the Thu Hong bamboo handicraft cooperative has revitalized a traditional craft village in the capital of Hanoi.
Thu Hong cooperative has 12 official craftsmen and seasonal employees depending on each project. Sometimes, the cooperative mobilizes over 30 skillful craftsmen to finish big projects.

The cooperative also attracts customers because of its guaranteed service covering five years. Whenever customers call, Thu Hong sends craftsmen to anywhere to solve a problem.

Thu Hong has orders until the end of this year. Many customers wait several months to sign a contract with the cooperative.
Besides architectural projects made from bamboo, Thu Hong also produces handicraft products like trays, sticks and spools, and bamboo curtains.

Projects of bamboo houses made by the Thu Hong cooperative:

Story: Thao Vy        Photos: Thanh Giang        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi