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Pristine cave in Ha Tien

Thach Dong (stone cave), a huge limestone mountain in My Duc commune, Ha Tien, is a popular tourist destination in Kien Giang province.
Thach Dong is about 4km from Ha Tien city’s center and only 3km from the border of Cambodia. Seen from highway 80, Thach Dong mountain appears like the head of a majestic general looking to the sea, but it looks peaceful with green forests if seen from the border. At the base of the mountain lie pristine houses while far away are the immense golden rice fields and sugar palm trees stretching out towards the sky. 

Thach Dong, a huge limestone mountain, is located 4km from the center of Ha Tien. 

Thach Dong is covered with green trees and limestone cliffs in unique shapes.

The cave has many stalactites of varying shapes that draw curious visitors.

On the walls of the caves, there are protruding rocks that are now home to hundreds of pigeons.

Thach Dong’s stalactites impress visitors.

From the top of Thach Dong, tourists can see a panoramic view of Ha Tien or the beautiful scenery of Cambodia. 

Thach Dong attracts a large number of visitors. 

Souvernir shops on the way to the cave.

To the left of Thach Dong entrance is a stone stele, erected to commemorate the southwest border defense war in the last century. During the war, Thach Dong was a strategic defense location.

Entering Thach Dong, visitors will see large and small caves formed from geological changes. Inside Thach Dong is Tien Son pagoda, believed to be built in the late 18th century to worship Shakyamuni Buddha and Bodhisattva Avalokitevara.

The cave’s large main entrance has stone stairs. There are also three small gates linked to the upper part and a small gate connecting to an underground path which is called the “door to hell". On the walls of the caves, there are protruding rocks that are now home to hundreds of pigeons.

The cave has many stalactites of varying shapes. At the front gate of the cave, tourists can see a three-meter stalactite in the shape of an eagle’s wing.

Thach Dong is also the place where Thach Sanh fairy tale came from. There is a small corner to the east of the cave which leads to “heaven”, as legend has it. Thach Sanh got through this corner to kill the monster and rescue princess Quynh Nga and the son of Thuy Te king.

Inside Thach Dong is Tien Son pagoda, where one can pray to Shakyamuni Buddha and Bodhisattva Avalokitevara. 

The pagoda was built inside the cave. 

Visitors offer incense at Tien Son pagoda.

Thach Dong cave is the background used in various films, including Thach Sanh Legend and Southern Land.

Thach Dong is a famous tourist attraction because it was chosen as the background for various films, including late director Do Quang Hai Au’s Thach Sanh Legend, and director Nguyen Vinh Son’s Southern Land.

“Thach Dong and Ha Tien have a unique and pristine beauty and should be introduced to more local and foreign visitors,” said Le Anh Tai, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City./.
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