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Praying for peace – a special ceremony of the Tay

The most important spiritual activity of the Tay is a ceremony of praying for peace which is an opportunity for the Tay to gather and show their respect to their god and pray for a peaceful, prosperous and happy life.

The ceremony that we saw was held during the night but at present some families organize the event in the day time depending on the owner's condition.

All things related the ceremony are prepared carefully following the support of a shaman. The people select the best produces for offerings. These includes chicken, fish, roasted meat or duck; vegetarian cakes made from sticky rice, fruit and flowers. 

Effigies used in the ceremony of praying for peace. 
Preparing dress for the shaman. 
The shaman performs rituals at the ceremony.
The top layer of the 3-tiered altar in the spring worshiping ceremony of the Tay.

Using dan tinh to perform Put Luong melody at the ceremony. 


At the time of the ceremony, the shaman is welcomed to perform the rituals. The major rituals take place in the house of each family. Participants of the worshiping ceremony must sit in the correct position for the shaman to perform the rituals.

Just looking at the seat, one can recognize the role and position of each person. At the worshiping ceremony, the shaman, the assistant and the host are seated in front of the altar, above the fireplace to perform the rituals. The central position around the kitchen is for cousins and village men.


Depending on the melody of ech ritual, the shaman selects suitable instruments. 

Offerings to the gods and ancestors.
Tying thread to the wrists is part of Tay culture.
A ritual before entering the ceremony to pray for peace.

Besides the important members, the ceremony is attended by a modest and graceful girl (Chau Slay in the Tay language). She helps the shaman implement major rituals.

During the ceremony, the shaman performs many solemn offerings with different contents using the melodies and instruments of his sect.

An important part of the ceremony is the ritual of tying thread to the wrists. The shaman ties the thread to the wrists of all member in the family. It is the Tay’s belief that the thread is an amulet which protects each person and brings luck and good things to people in life.

By Viet Cuong Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

The Mac Cuu Temple in Ha Tien

The Mac Cuu Temple in Ha Tien

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