Home decor products from wooden colored pencils

Henry Le Design decor products made from colored pencils are popular with both domestic and foreign customers.
According to Le Xuan Huong, founder of Henry Le Design, his first table is now a unique decorative item in a house in Sydney. An Australian couple bought it despite the fact that the table was not very delicate. 

After graduating from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, Huong worked at a travel company and then opened Nguyen Art Gallery in 2006. The visionary artist hoped to create fine home decor products which make every home a unique living space.

After starting Henry Le Design, Huong wanted to build a Vietnamese furniture brand name with his special vision. Huong is trying his best to make great products for Vietnamese people. His unique products not only satisfy the demands of domestic customers, but also can be sold abroad.

During his working trips, Huong’s father bought colored pencils as gifts for his son who loved drawing and designing. The pencils with 36 colors brought endless creative ideas and inspiration to Huong. He said that millions of different items can be made from these colored pencils.

Colored pencils, the unique material of Henry Le Design products. 

Colored pencils are cut in different sizes to make diverse products.

The pencils are cut and glued together.

Le Xuan Huong at his workshop. 

It takes a lot of time to make an item from colored pencils. 

Numerous pencils are glued to make a colorful product. 
To make a table, Huong had to cut tens of thousands of colored pencils. However, colored pencils are quite expensive so Huong spent all his savings for his experiments. At present, foreign customers have learned more and are interested in unique tables made from colored pencils by Henry Le Design.

After designing, the pencils are cut and glued together. Then the table face is smoothed by craftsmen. The skillful hands of craftsmen and designers make each table an artwork with diverse colors and patterns.

Besides the main materials of colored pencils and wood, Huong has ideas of combining iron, leather and traditional lacquer. He is doing research and figuring out how to make new products from colored pencils. He hopes to create beautiful products which are suitable for different spaces and favored by customers.

Almost all of the decor products of Henry Le Design are exclusive.

Huong introduces Henry Le Design's products to visitors. 

Henry Le Design’s products are on display at Nguyen Art Gallery, No.31, Van Mieu street, Hanoi. The process of making tables from colored pencils also is a recommended choice for visitors on Hanoi tours. Henry Le Design’s has delivered their products to the EU, the US, Japan and South Korea.
Story: Bich Van -  Photos: Viet Cuong

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