Hanoi's beauty expressed through ao dai

To honor the traditional costume of Vietnam, ao dai, designers of the Hanoi Fashion Design Association have released costumes with the theme of Hanoi.
The collection, "Colors of Life", is the artist Giang Doan’s brainchild actualized by using her drawing skills. Using the nostalgia of old town with its moss covered roofs, red leaves of sea poison trees, and the passionate scent of milk flowers, Giang Doan showed Hanoi’s beauty on ao dai. The collection is not only a pure story about the colors of life but also the designer's narrative about her journey.

A fashion show titled "Colours of Hanoi Autumn" is held on Phung Hung street, Hanoi. 

Inspired by autumn in Hanoi, designer Yen Phi has created the “Autumn Gold” collection.

Ai dai designs use different materials such as velvet, silk and brocade. 

The runway features impressive collections of designers. 

Inspired by the bikes selling lotus on Hanoi's streets, the designer Hanh Nguyen once again honored the beauty of lotus on ao dai. With a delicate embroidery technique, Hanh Nguyen brought the lotus image to life as if the flowers were blooming in the sun.

Inspired by autumn in Hanoi, with streets full of falling yellow leaves, the designer Yen Phi has created the “Autumn Gold” collection. Using the main color of yellow leaves, the highlight of the collection is a 3D design honoring a woman's curves in the elegant traditional costume. Velvet silk, vein silk, chiffon, habotai and chiffon are materials used to make ao dai. When these materials are combined, ao dai brings out feminine softness.

One of the highlights in the collections of the Hanoi Fashion Design Association is the "Combination" collection by the designer Nguyen Phuong Thao. The combination of ao dai and brocade has created unique art as clothing. The brocade patterns on the velvet silk are embroidered delicately.

The combination of ao dai and brocade.

The designer choose yellow as the main tone to symbolize the color of Hanoi's autumn leaves.

Every designs on an ao dai is associated with the historical and cultural values of the Hanoi people. 

Yellow leaf details stand out on a simple black ao dai.

Ao dai with lotus patterns by designer Hanh Nguyen.

The combination of modern and traditional on ao dai brings elegance to the woman. 
Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long - Translated by Hong Hanh

Bringing Terraced Fields into Fashion

Bringing Terraced Fields into Fashion

Fashion designer Nguyen Lan Anh, born in Yen Bai, has named her new collection "Moncheri in Mucacha," with "Mucacha" simply being an abbreviation for "Mu Cang Chai".