Fashion show honors southern women’s traditional attire

“Beautiful Ao ba ba”, a fashion show held recently in Can Tho, has highlighted the elegance of southern women and their traditional costume.
The event, which was part of the eighth Southern Traditional Cake Festival held from April 12-16 in Can Tho, introduced ao ba ba, the traditional shirt of southern women, which is a typical trait of the southern culture.

The fashion show was part of the 8th Southern Traditional Cake Festival held in Can Tho in April.

Performance by students from Can Tho Tourism College.

Charming women soldiers in ao ba ba.

Beautiful ao ba ba under the theme “Ao ba ba goes to the front”.

Ao ba ba at festivals”.

Ao ba ba in daily life”.

Ao ba ba designed for men.
The fashion show featured the history of ao ba ba along with the country’s development. It included various themes, including “Origin of ao ba ba”, “Ao ba ba in daily life”, “Ao ba ba goes to the front” and “Ao ba ba at festivals”, each of which portrayed the gentle and elegant beauty of southern Vietnamese women in different activities.

The show was performed by professional models from Tay Do Model Company, and teachers and students from local schools in Can Tho.

Nham Hung, the show director, said “Beautiful Ao ba ba” gave the audience a chance to see the evolution of ao ba ba, its beauty and renovations in different periods.


Ao ba ba is often accompanied by non la (conical hat) and khan ran (black and white checkered shawl).

Ao ba ba for children.

Renovated designs of ao ba ba.

Ao ba ba is a symbol of Mekong delta women.

The traditional attire shows the elegance of Vietnamese women.

Worn as a top and bottom set, ao ba ba is a long-sleeved shirt with a V neck, paired with silk pants. The front part of the shirt is decorated with a middle button line and two pockets at the bottom. The attire is a symbol of the beauty of southern Vietnamese women, especially in the Mekong delta./.
Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Thanh Giang

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