Copper wire art

Nguyen Nhat Minh Phuong from Cu Chi district in Ho Chi Minh City has turned copper wire into unique art. Her creative pieces are loved by many foreigners. 
In 2006, Phuong started to make accessories including rings, bracelets and necklaces from copper wire. It took her between one and two hours to complete a product.

Phuong received good feedback from her relatives and friends, many of whom ordered her products. When she got orders from the US, Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand, Phuong thought of starting a business. 

Beautiful handmade items of the Uma brand

After many years spent following her dream, Phuong built Uma, a brand of handmade art items made from copper wire.

She is cooperating with foreign friends in making jewelry from copper wire. Phuong is also working with people with disabilities to make four product lines, including paintings, jewelry, decorative items and accessories.

Of all the copper wire products, paintings are the most favored by foreigners. According to Phuong, it is not too difficult to complete a picture from copper wire. “First, sketch the picture on paper. Calculate the frame, and how to get the wiring to create the image and its depth. Then make the edges, roll each part and put them together. Finally attach them to the background of the frame”, Phuong said.

Almost all of Phuong’s copper wire paintings have lotus and Buddha motifs because she loves Buddhism and lotus flowers. She sometimes makes feng shui paintings that are ordered by customers.

Phuong intended to train people with disabilities in making copper wire paintings as a gift to disadvantaged people.

Before recruiting people with disabilities to work as her partners, Phuong went to centers for people with disabilities to learn how to communicate with them, and get to know their feelings and expectations.

“I want to build a happy place for them while working with me,” Phuong said about her plan to help people with disabilities. 


Nguyen Nhat Minh Phuong is the first Vietnamese who has turned copper wire into unique art. 

The copper wires used have diverse colors.

 Many accessories are needed to create a copper wire item.

Uma is a business which helps people with disabilities.

The copper wires used have good quality.

The work requires each worker's patience and meticulousness. 

Working with a staff. 

Unique handmade items. 

In the future, Phuong wants to build Shark Uma, a business which helps people with disabilities start their own businesses, and train them and foreigners in making copper wire-based products./.
Story: Ngan Ha Photos: Thong Hai

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