Contemporary paintings reflect multidimensional views

Nineteen contemporary paintings by 12 Vietnamese artists, showcased at the Craig Thomas Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, has attracted local and foreign art lovers. 
Through the paintings that use various materials, including oil, acrylic, wood and silk, the artists express multidimensional views of people’s inner lives and a familiar feeling of everyday life.

Young artist Pham Thanh Toan shows a fluctuated inner self through the image of a primate in three oil paintings.

The exhibition attracts local and foreign art lovers. 

The artists express multidimensional views of people’s inner lives through the paintings.

The paintings use various materials, including oil, acrylic, wood and silk.

The paintings bring viewers different emotional reactions.

Artist Nguyen Tuan Dung uses acrylic on newspaper to express a simple language of art with “April Scent” and “June Fragrance”. Both paintings were inspired by bicycle flower vendors riding around the streets of Hanoi.

Artist Ngo Van Sac combines sculpture and oil painting with two pieces, “Long day” and “By the sidewalk”, to show the diverse use of materials in the art of painting.

Artist Nguyen Minh Nam has succeeded in depicting many aspects of women’s emotions through his oil paintings on canvas.

Artist Lim Khim Ka Ty has been acclaimed by her only painting at the gallery, “Mother’s arms”. The oil painting on canvas by the Khmer artist shows a child sleeping peacefully in his mother’s arms in bright colors, fully expressing peace, happiness and motherhood./.

“White space II” by Le Thuy.

"Judgment" by Luong Luu Bien. 

"On the sidewalk" by Ngo Van Sac. 

“Before the wedding” by Nguyen Minh Nam.

“Old garden 3” by Nguyen The Hung.

"Exhausted" by Nguyen Trong Minh. 

"June Fragrance" by Nguyen Tuan Dung. 

"Sexy sleepwalker" by Pham Thanh Toan. 

"Instability" by Truong The Linh. 

Story: Nguyen Luan - Photos: Thong Hai

Vietnamese Culture in Lanterns

Vietnamese Culture in Lanterns

The lanterns from the Magic of Color (MOC) project create a warm and vibrant atmosphere, bringing to life the traditional culture through the use of Do paper and bamboo, featuring folk art patterns from the Hang Trong and Dong Ho folk paintings.