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Cape Ca Mau

Located in Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Cape Ca Mau is the southernmost point of Vietnam. The cape is a favorite tourist destination in Ca Mau province. 
About 100 kilometers from Ca Mau, the cape is the only place in Vietnam where one can see the sunrise in the east and the sunset in the west.

The cape has a boat-shaped monument marking the national border, and a 20m-high tower from which one can look out on the immense blue sea and green forest.

Exploring Cape Ca Mau by boat. Photo: Huynh Lam

Cape Ca Mau boasts one of the most diverse ecosystems of mangrove forests in Vietnam. Photo: Huynh Lam

At the monument marking the national border. Photo: Huynh Lam

Don ca tai tu performance. Photo: Huynh Lam

Dried seafood is chosen as a gift by many visitors.  Photo: An Hieu

Catching crabs in Ca Mau. Photo: Huynh Lam

Three-striped crabs are a distinctive seafood from Cape Ca Mau. Photo: Huynh Lam.

Drying fish. Photo: Huynh Lam

Dried seafood is a specialty of Cape Ca Mau. Photo: Huynh Lam

Cape Ca Mau is located inside the 42,000-ha Mui Ca Mau National Park which has a rich and diverse mangrove ecosystem. The national park is home to rare flora and fauna, from Rhizophora apiculata, Bruguiera cylindrica and Sonneratia, to fish, shrimp, sea snails, oysters, and mangrove clams.

Visiting the cape, one can travel by motor boat through the beautiful mangrove forest and try catching fish or crab or just enjoy the scenery.

Visitors will have a chance to try numerous tasty local dishes such as grilled giant mudskipper, Rach Goc salted three-striped crab, fermented pomfret paste, grilled oysters, steamed mangrove clams with ginger, and Ca Mau crab, the province’s specialty.

At night, they can sleep at a homestay in the middle of the mangrove forest.

In 2018, the section connecting Nam Can and Ngoc Hien districts on national highway Ho Chi Minh opened to traffic, making travel to Cape Ca Mau much easier. The cape has become a popular destination for those loving to explore nature.
Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Huynh Lam & An Hieu

Bài: Sơn Nghĩa Ảnh: Huỳnh Lâm - An Hiếu