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Bridges crossing the Han river

When visiting Da Nang, you will not only enjoy the blue sea, white sand and sunshine of a dynamic coastal city but also can see the famous bridges connecting the two banks of the Han river.
The Han river flowing through the heart of Da Nang has the most bridges in Vietnam. There are at least 9 bridges in the central district of the city such as Thuan Phuoc, Han river, Nguyen Van Troi and Dragon which attract many tourists for their unique architectural features.

The bridges are both a part of a transportation network and architectural highlights of the urban area. Each bridge has its own characteristics and a story of its own, attracting visitors from near and far to Da Nang.

Nguyen Van Troi is one of the oldest bridges in the central district and was built in 1965. Since the opening of the Dragon bridge and Tran Thi Ly bridge, vehicle traffic across Nguyen Van Troi bridge was banned and the bridge has been turned into a pedestrian bridge. This dome-shape bridge is now a "dating" place for the people of Da Nang to look back on their lives. It is also an attractive destination for young travelers to "check-in" and have a great view of the Han river.

The bridges crossing the Han river are bright at night. Photo: Ba Ngoc

Dragon bridge is a symbol of the upward development of Da Nang. Photo: Nhung Nguyen

Thuan Phuoc, which crosses the Han river at the seaport, is the longest cable-stayed suspension bridge in Vietnam. Photo: Nhung Nguyen

Love bridge has a unique architectural style. Photo: Nhung Nguyen

Han River is the only swing bridge in Vietnam. Photo: Ba Ngoc

The Han River bridge was designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers. This is also the only swing bridge in the country today. The bridge is considered a symbol of Da Nang and it is the pride of the local people who have all contributed to its construction. Previously, the Han River bridge was scheduled to be spun at 2am every day for large boats to pass through. However, for tourists, the bridge has changed its swing time to 11-12pm every Saturday and Sunday nights.

Open at the same time as the Tran Thi Ly bridge, the Dragon bridge has the elegant beauty of modern architecture. It is also a rendezvous for both locals and visitors to watch the fire and water show from 9pm every Saturday and Sunday night. The show is displayed along with background music and a resonant light performance within a radius of 300m. The bridge is also impressive because of its design on the body of a dragon which makes the bridge look like a shining jewel in the middle of Da Nang.

Thuan Phuoc bridge, which crosses the Han river at the seaport, is the longest cable-stayed suspension bridge in Vietnam (1,856m). The view to the city center encompasses the peaceful Han river on one side and the vast sea with Son Tra peninsula on the other. At night, its colorful pillars look like the magnificent gates of a palace.

In addition, there is a bridge that does not cross the river, but has a unique architectural style on the east bank. It is attractive to visitors because of its name, the Love bridge. The red heart shaped drawings and locks on the bridge are proof of the beautiful love of couples who have come here to see the poetic Han river.

Being on these famous bridges and looking around the city to view the charming mountains and rivers, we can say that Da Nang is very privileged by nature and the people to become the most attractive tourist destination in the central coast region.
Story: Nhung Nguyen   Photos: Nhung Nguyen & Ba Ngoc