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Bat Trang pottery village

Located 15km from Hanoi, Bat Trang pottery village is an ideal destination for weekend trips with many unique activities related to the tradition of making ceramic and porcelain products. 
Visiting the village, tourists should not miss the pottery market which is the commercial center of ceramic and porcelain products. There are numerous products on display, from simple items priced at several thousand dong to luxury products priced at millions of dong. Visitors also have the chance to create ceramic products by themselves.

Interestingly, the 500-year old village has been known for its old ceramic kiln where artisans bake their products for years. The kiln has now become a destination for visitors to learn about the traditional craft. On weekends, many schools in Hanoi and neighboring provinces choose Bat Trang pottery village for their students’ outing.

Decorating pottery products. 

Children are interested in making pottery. 

The last old kiln in the village attracts many visitors. 

Foreign visitors learn about the history and culture of the pottery village. 

Tourists are fascinated by the skillful hands of Bat Trang craftsperson.

Tourists visit a pottery showroom in Bat Trang. 

Two Japanese children select cute pottery cups during their picnic at Bat Trang pottery market. 

In recent years, Bat Trang pottery village has innovated technology and models. Bat Trang ceramic and pottery products have been favored by and appeared in large markets around the world such as France, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Italy. Bat Trang pottery is also a brand of the "One Commune One Product" program in the capital.

The seven-floor building at the village entrance is a suitable choice for visitors who do not have enough time to explore every corner of the village. Visitors can learn about the different stages of making pottery, history of the village and various products made from villagers.

Located at the end of the village, the Van Van house which is among the top 10 most beautiful old houses in Vietnam is also worth visiting. VanVan exhibits products of Bat Trang pottery village and the house itself is a special architectural work. Covering over 400m2, Van Van consists of three 200-year-old houses and a pottery workshop.

Traditional features of Bat Trang pottery products. 

Unique products on display.

Bat Trang pottery products are diverse in type and color. 

Besides traditional products, Bat Trang village also produces many new products to meet the demand of domestic and foreign orders.

By Khanh Long & Cong Dat

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