Bat Trang lucent ceramic lamps

Made from the best quality materials, lucent ceramic lamps are now a special product of the Bat Trang traditional ceramic village in Gia Lam district, Hanoi.
We visited Mai Linh ceramic Co., Ltd which specializes in producing lucent ceramic lamps in Bat Trang. Director of the company, Dang Thi Tuyet, said that there were many ceramic products made in Bat Trang favored by customers, especially the unique product of lucent ceramic lamps. The product is made from refined white clay collected in the provinces of Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang.

The process of making lucent ceramic lamps includes many phases. The artisan pours refined clay in the mold and then takes the finished product out. The product will be smoothed and cleaned by water and the artisan must be careful.  Because the lucent ceramic is very thin, the light penetrates through the ceramic, highlighting patterns on the lamps.

A workshop in Hanoi where lucent ceramic lamps are made. 

efined clay is poured in the molds of various sizes. 

Machines help the artisans work more effectively. 

Finalizing products. 

Grinding lamp root. 

Products are cleaned before being drawn. 

The lamps are used as decorative items and ceramic oil burners
which use an electrical apparatus to vaporize essential oil. 

Decorative themes on the lamps are various, including bamboo trees, boats,
moonlit nights, country markets and 
calligraphic sentences 

Drawing patterns on the lamp is one of the important phrases. The artisan can create or decorate patterns following the customers’ orders. Decorative themes on the lamps are various, thus the themes focus on peaceful and simple images in Vietnam’s countryside, including bamboo trees, boats, moonlit nights and country markets.

With more than 10 years of experiences in producing lucent ceramic lamps, Do Thi Thuy said that drawing on this product is more difficult than others. When turning on the lamp, patterns look 3D thereby the artisans need to use delicate and embossed strokes with specialized pens. In the beginning, it took about two or three hours to draw a product, but now she can finish the phase in 30 minutes. After drawing, the products are glazed and put in the kiln.

To diversify models of the product, Bat Trang artisans also add calligraphic sentences as well as modern patterns on the lamps. There are various models of squares, circles, triangles, cylinders and rectangles for customers. The lucent ceramic lamps can be used as decorative items in every living space as well as ceramic oil burners which use an electrical apparatus to vaporize essential oil.

The lucent ceramic lamps are sold at a price of 55,000 to over one million dong depending on customers’ demand.

Beautiful lucent ceramic lamps:

Story: Ngan Ha        Photos: Khanh Long        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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