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"The Mist"

“The Mist” is the name of a contemporary dance show that depicts the simple life and daily chores of Vietnamese farmers, such as working in the fields and rice husking. Through contemporary dance movements with the rhythm of Cai luong (renovated operetta) percussion and zither, the audience seems to get a unique perspective of the peaceful landscape of the countryside.
Inspired by the contemporary dance tour of the Arabesque Troupe from South Korea in 2011, Choreographer Tan Loc directed the dance with a desire to introduce Vietnamese cultural identities to the South Korean audience. He decided to select the story about the farmer’s routines to present in the dance that is a blend of both traditional and modern art.

The first scene  about farmers on the field.

The “Harvest Time"  scene 

Happiness of farmers with a bumper crop.

The exciting atmosphere of the harvest time.

Rice is the fruit of hardworking days of farmers.

The image of  the loom is  very familiar to  the Vietnamese people.

The "Pagoda's Fragance" Scene takes audiences to a religious space.

The last scene in  “Pagoda's Fragance".
The space of a countryside in the sout hwestern region with girls and boys singing together.

The "Silk" Scene shows the beauty of body.

Skillful techniques of dancers.
The dance was successfully performed by Vietnamese artists from the HCM City-based Arabesque Dance troupe in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience. It also drew plaudits at the international contemporary dance festival in South Korea.

The dance consisted of seven scenes, namely “Going to the Field”, “Pagoda’s Fragrance”, “Harvest Time”, “Night”, “Having a Bumper Crop”, “Silk” and “Rice”. Each scene was an impressive story, full of emotion about the simple life of farmers.

The dance show started with “Going to the Field” that was performed by a young couple in a vaporous space with sounds of insects and cock-crows, and followed by “Pagoda’s Fragrance”. This scene helped the audience have a tranquil soul and escape all worries and sadness of daily life. In the “Night” scene, the audience felt a storm of sentiments and the innermost feelings of a grass-widow.

The dance really sublimated with the scenes of “Harvest Time” and “Having a Bumper Crop” with dance movements, showing the animated atmosphere during harvest time and the life of farmers in the western region in South Vietnam.
The audience at the dance show.

“The Mist” draws much attention of audiences at home and abroad.
Through flexible movements of the contemporary dance art together with an expert in using light and sound and the effects of the fragrance of grass-roots and frankincense, the dance woke up all of the senses of the audience, drawing them closer to the traditional cultural beauty in rural areas in Vietnam.
 Story: Tat Son - Photos: Tat Son - Thanh Giang