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The art of candle carving

Duong Hoang Thong from Hanoi has created artistically carved candles imprinted with the cultural traits of Vietnam.
Thong has made candle lamps for sale since 2002 when he was a fine arts student. In 2003 he introduced word-shaped candles like “Happy Birthday”, “I love you” and “I miss you” which immediately received many orders from souvenir shops. 

 His candle pieces show the Vietnamese culture.

Making molds is an important step which requires carefulness and precision. 

The molds are made from silicon.

Pouring liquid candle into the mold. 

Removing the candle from the mold. 

Carving patterns on the candle is another important step.

 The carving requires artistic ability and sculpture skills.

In 2005, Thong attended the television show “Start-up” and was able to raise 200 million dong (around 126,000 US dollars) from the Trung Nguyen group for his project to build a word-shaped candle workshop. Since then, he got a lot of orders for “Happy Birthday” candles from the UK, Canada, Australia and the US.

Seeing a rising demand for decorative candles which are widely used in families and Buddhist temples, Thong has established Dai Viet Candle Joint-stock Company to make high-grade scented candles.

Dai Viet now has three product lines, including high-class candles for religious purposes, decorative purposes and consumer use. The products are priced between 20,000 dong and 500,00 dong depending on the type. Dai Viet large-sized products are now present in pagodas and temples across the country.

Thong said Dai Viet will begin making candles in the shape of the pigs appearing in Vietnam’s famous Dong Ho folk paintings to celebrate the upcoming year of the pig. The company will also introduce candles carved with phrases praying for luck, health and prosperity in the new year.

 Candles created by Duong Hoang Thong:

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son