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Pham Huy Thong’s Paintings

A collection of painter Pham Huy Thong’s oil paintings called “Hope” include delicate, lively details that reflect life in the northern countryside is receiving much praise for its innovation.
Painter Pham Huy Thong started drawing paintings for the “Hope” collection during a trip to his hometown in Bac Ninh in 2014. Seeing the town mainly inhabited by the elderly and children while adolescents and adults moved to big cities to earn a living, he decided to retell the reality with a touch of humour in his paintings.

 “Hope” collection by painter Pham Huy Thong has received much attention from domestic and foreign arts circle.
Viewers discuss the ideas of the paintings.

Painter Pham Huy Thong talks with viewers.

Foreigners visit the exhibition.

“Hope” collection by painter Pham Huy Thong is highly appreciated.
Painter Pham Huy Thong and his work.

Seeing the  “Hope” collection, viewers can both see the thorny part of life in the countryside and feel the love and affection for their motherland. The image of a farmer towing a carriage on the village’s path running between hamlets, straw roofs, gardens or straw piles make can easily enter the soul of a viewer.

Via his paintings, painter Pham Huy Thong wants to express his thoughts. Urbanisation makes a combination of the surrounding countryside and a busy city . In terms of culture, the exchange during immigration is a process of consolidation. Each person leaving his home to for the city contributes a specialness to the destination.

Painter Pham Huy Thong said that he wanted to present the drastic changes of villages but not in a pessimistic way. Villagers are still hopeful in life and there is a resilient connection between people in the city and in the country.

Some works in the “Hope” collection by painter Pham Huy Thong
“Land of My Forefathers”.
“Hometown Burden.”
“Fishermen’s Dream”
“Dreams Retailer”

“Hope for Cityfolk”.

“Land for Sale”.

“Home Alone”.

“Spring water”.

“Red Soil”.

“Suburb Special1”.
“Suburb Special 2”. 

Box: Painter Pham Huy Thong is one of the talented young Vietnamese painters in recent years with personal exhibitions such as: Rain, Dong Bao, Hands and Strange Dream. In 2008, Pham Huy Thong was selected among 40 Vietnamese exemplary artists after Doi moi (Renewal) by the Singapore Art Museum and his paintings were shown in the exhibition, “Post Doi moi: Vietnamese art after 1990”, in Singapore. He has also been invited to many art fairs in RoK, the US, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries.
“Hope” collection by painter Pham Huy Thong has received much attention from domestic and foreign arts circle./.


Story: Nguyen Oanh – Photos: Nguyen Luan