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Painting Three-Dimensional Goldfish

The art of painting three-dimensional goldfish originates from Japan. It has been done for 12 years by  artist Riusuke Fukahori. In Vietnam, painter Pham Ngoc Duong in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City has pursued  this artistic genre and successfully created lifelike goldfish embedded in layers of resin.
Pham Ngoc Duong  has been doing oil paintings for many years. Recently, he started the art of painting three-dimensional goldfish. He learned the art from Japan and has created his own method based on the techniques of oil painting.

According to the artist, to create a three-dimensional goldfish,  he uses a complex process of poured resin. It needs a container to use as an aquarium to pour layer upon layer of resin. After 24 hours of creating the first resin layer, the artist starts painting every part of the fish with acrylic which will be dry after five hours. Normally, the process is repeated 4-5 times so the artist needs at least one week  to complete a piece of art. Every stage requires the artist’s patience, meticulousness and creativeness.

Painter Pham Ngoc Duong forgets himself in painting three-dimensional goldfish.

3D goldfish are created in wooden boxes, pottery bowls and coconut shell dippers. 

A type of acrylic imported from foreign countries is used to paint three-dimensional goldfish. 

The painting needs a container to use as an aquarium to pour layer upon layer of resin.

Normally, the process is repeated 4-5 times. 

He paints three-dimensional shrimp. 

The fish in the paintings are  flower horn fish, koi, Dragon eye fish and Bubble Eye Goldfish which are considered to bring about prosperity and luck. They are carefully painted between layers of resin, which gives the viewer a rich depth and optical illusion aspect. It is such an odd process that results in something that is both a painting and a sculpture.

Besides paintings of goldfish, the artist paints  shrimp, crabs and snakes in wooden boxes, coconut shells and ceramic bowls which are favoured by foreign tourists”.

Some works of Painters Pham Ngoc Duong:


Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Nguyen Luan