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Painting inspired by the spirit of oriental romance

The search for self-esteem and a dream of peace are among the themes expressed in the paintings of famous artists in the southern part of Vietnam from 1954 to 1975. The exhibition “The spirit of oriental romance” is an insight of the art from the south during this period.
Twenty-six works of art displayed at Hotel des Arts Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City reflect the vigorous development of art in south Vietnam during 1954-1975.

Thai Tuan is noteworthy for his special contributions to South Vietnamese art. His paintings are simple with different shades of green. Light and airy “Hoai huong” (nostalgia) is a painting which reflects Thai Tuan’s style of painting.

Painting lovers visit the exhibition of southern artists from 1954 to 1975.

The exhibition attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

Viewers make comments on the paintings.

The exhibition has many well-known southern artists before 1975.

The southern artists tended to follow European and American contemporary art styles to enhance the modernity of plastic arts. The renewal of the language of paintings had increasingly flourished. Young artists explored art movements from cubism, fauvism and expressionism to surrealism, abstractionism and realism to find their own way of expressing themselves. Paintings by Dinh Cuong, Trinh Cung and Nguyen Trung revealed that movement of southern artists.

Dinh Cuong , who was a very intense painter, created a painting universe for himself when he was young. His paintings have a spirit of romance and evoke a sense of nostalgia looking at Chieu ngoi song Huong (An afternoon on the Perfume river), in which the image of a Hue girl in a white ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) shows a face of mystery.

Bui Giang, Ngo Viet Thu and Choe who turn to art are the highlights of southern artists. Besides works by southern artists, the exhibition showcases paintings by artists known in France, such as Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Le Ba Dang. “Exploring south Vietnamese art, one can see a huge amount of paintings and many talented artists who blew an air of freshness into this period ”, commented Tran Ngoc Lan, 56, from Phu Nhuan district, after visiting the exhibition.

Paintings on display at the exhibition:

“Girl” by Ho Thanh Duc.

“Water color on croquis paper” by Bui Giang.

“Thuy ta, Saigon zoo” by Hieu De.

“On a foggy hill” by Ngo Viet Thu.

“Girl and lotus” by Duong Dinh Sang.

“Portrait of artist Ut Tra On” by Nguyen Hai Chi (Choe).

“A black and white message” by Nguyen Trung.

“Flower still life” by Ngoc Dung.

“A mystery” by Ho Huu Thu.

”Nostalgia” by Thai Tuan.

“Childhood” by La Hon.

“Goldfish” by Uyen Huy.

“Flower still life” by Le Pho.

“Idyll” by Vu Cao Dam.

“Portrait of a girl” by Vu Cao Dam.

“An afternoon on the Perfume River” by Dinh Cuong. 

“Cathedral Basilica” by Le Thanh.

“Sailing at dawn” by Van Den.

All of the works on display were auctioned by Ly Thi auction./.
By: Nguyen Oanh