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May Tre Decor Products Imprinted with Vietnamese Cultural Characteristics

From existing handicraft products made from natural materials such as rattans and sedge, Nguyen Quynh Anh is adding more value by giving the products a unique Vietnamese spiritual look in a bid to accentuate the traditional rustic products.
Ngan’s passion for art and doing handicrafts began when she was a student in the Environmental Faculty at Ho Chi Minh City National University. At the time, she realised that traditional products were somehow monotonous and showed a lack of style.

Ngan then enrolled in a fashion course in a bid to learn more about the design business. As soon as she finished the course, Ngan established May Tre Decor and began to paint products made from bamboo fibres, seagrass straw, hyacinth and sedge fibres with colours and pictures.

Ngan, who uses water-resistant acrylic paints, makes statement using her artistic way of surface decorating. Bags, the highlighted item of the brand, are decorated with distinctive hand paintings with images and colours reflecting Vietnamese life and scenery.
“Most of the products made from natural materials are so homogeneous. The paint will help to hide the faults while enhancing their sustainable beauty,” Ngan added.

A display of May Tre Decor products.  Photo: Nguyen Luan/VNP
Decorating bags with patterns.

A bag is being painted. 

May Tre Décor’s owner Nguyen Quynh Anh. Photo: Nguyen Luan/VNP.

Diverse products branded May Tre Decor.

May Tre Decor products are much sought after by customers.

The products range from fashion accessories to interior decoration items. Customers can personalise their bags by requesting to have their own choice of images painted on the bags.

The vision of May Tre Decor is to evolve her brand into a local signature brand that will catch international interest. After two years since the debut, May Tre Decor produces hundreds of products. The brand is now available at other outlets such as fashion shops, luxury hotels and resorts.

Some bags branded May Tre Decor

Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Nguyen Luan