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Kinh Bac’s Charm Represented in “Duyen”

Inspired by the traditional costumes of Kinh Bac women together with a desire to preserve traditional cultural features of the Vietnamese, designer Xuan Thu created a series of designs which belongs to the fashion collection called “Duyen” (Charm). 
She acknowledged that this idea requires thorough study about the costumes of  women in the northern region, which symbolises the culture of this region. Therefore, she  also added patterns of ancient brown pattern ceramics, the typical ceramic genre of the Ly – Tran dynasties in the 11th – 15th centuries, into her designs.

Designer Xuan Thu with child models and friends at the show.

“Duyen” collection is highly regarded with impressive designs.

Ao dai with beaded patterns is combined with jeans.

A performance of Chau van singing in the show.
Reproducing brown pattern ceramics through embroidery in her designs, designer Xuan Thu created different colour schemes combining traditional and modern features. Each design is a real piece of art perfected by traditional techniques such as embroidering, manual sewing, and manual quilting.

The collection also has a modern touch that lies in the loose forms of dresses resembling what were popular in the 1970s. Organza, silk, voile, sheer fabric and taffeta are the main materials and all are trendy materials currently used by major fashion firms.

It can be said that the special characteristic of “Duyen” is the combination of national features and other international contemporary factors in a fashion product.

A design inspired by traditional Kinh Bac costumes including velvet headwear with modern cuts.

A design with a pleated dress and pants made of several layers of sheer voile.

A cotton coat with patterns of ancient ceramics.

A velvet scarf with beaded strings and patterns of ceramics is combined with a belt of neutral color.

Designer Xuan Thu uses different colours and accessories to create designs closely connected with costumes of Kinh Bac women.

Ao dai made of unfamiliar materials.

Ao dai with embroidered patterns and voile pants.

Patterns of ceramics are used to make the designs unique.

The collection has modern forms and materials.

The materials of the collection are often used by major fashion firms. 
Story: Ngan Ha – Photos: Khanh Long