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Impressive "The Innovators"

"The Innovators", the 2017 Graduation Fashion Show Exhibition displaying the results of 21 designers from Hanoi based London College for Fashion and Design offered an exhibition of world class and trendy fashion concepts to thousands of people. The event took place in early August at the Melia Hanoi Hotel.
The showcase of each designer's collection started with a short film giving that person's ideas and process of their designs. From that, the audience could grasp the difficulties confronting young designers on their journey of self-identification. Despite any obstacles, they continue to have the love, genuine commitment and intense passion for the profession.

Professor Douglas Maclennan, former Director of International Programs at Northumbria University (the UK)
and Adviser of training programs at London College for Design and Fashion gives an opening speech at the fashion show.
The 2017 Graduate Fashion Show Exhibition: "The Innovators".
 "Zodiac Sky" by Le Thi Phuong Thanh.

The first night of the fashion show introduced 11 collections by the young designers. Among the most interesting are was the collection "Tu Phu" (Four Palaces) by Vu Tuong Vi, inspired by Dao Mau - the worship of mother goddesses in Vietnam. She showed the structures, colours, materials and shapes of joss paper, which is one indispensable offering in Dao Mau as well as in Vietnamese culture. There was also unique 3D textile, iconic patterns and specific materials to form a high-end fashion collection for both men and women aged between 22 and 32.

The collection "Sonia Delaunay" by designer Cao Ngoc Tram consists of night ball gowns made from an inspiration drawn from the French namesake female artist and geometric abstraction in her Orphic works. The most impressive designs belong to Bui Thao Nam's collection "Trolls" inspired by scenes and characters of the animated film Trolls produced by Dreamworks Animation. The collection, which aims at youngsters living in the UK, the US and Japan, utilised bright colours with embroidery, facing and beading techniques.

The night also featured other collections such as "Zodiac Sky" inspired by the twelve astrological signs by Le Thi Phuong Thanh, "Timeless" inspired by intricate details of the clock and the meaning of time by Dang Ngan Ha and "Checkmate" inspired by the game of chess by To Nu Ngoc Ha.
If collections showcased on the first night were mostly designed with vibrant colours, the 10 collections displayed on the second night were generally set in dark hues. On the second night, the audience mind traveled to Hoi An by admiring the collection "Eastern Grace" by Ngo Thi Ha Trang, or Rome with "Roman Holiday" by Le Anh Chi. They could also experience the traditional oriental new year’s holiday with the collection "Lunar New Year" that included symbols of luck, peace and prosperity in designs by Do Thi Van Anh. An amusing rotating ride on wooden horses in Victorian Europe with "Carousel" by Ngo Duong Thao Nhi ended the show.

The audience enjoyed the music of different styles, including the pleasant and brilliant compositions of Beethoven with the collection "Shape of Sound" by Nguyen Khanh Thu and effervescent tunes with "Glam rock", inspired by this diverse musical and fashion genre of the 70s, by Ngo Hong Minh.

The collection "Queen Bee" by Ngo Thi Tuyet Van with innovative cuts and forms as well as the delicate combination of materials and textiles to project the complicated and colourful body structure of  bee impressed the whole audience with its message calling for human responsibility in the protection of environment.

All 21 collections were fashion stories told in different styles by young designers. "With only two years of training, someone starting from the zero point in fashion, the achievements are significant," said Donna Bramhall, a lecturer on fashion designing at London College for Design and Fashion and who directly supervised this year’s fashion show.

"Trolls" by Bui Thao Nam.

"Sonia Delaunay" by Cao Ngoc Tram.

"Timeless" by Dang Ngan Ha.

 "Zodiac Sky" by Le Thi Phuong Thanh.

 "Four Palaces" by Vu Tuong Vy.

"Lunar New Year" by Do Thi Van Anh.

 "Roman Holiday" by Le Anh Chi.

"Carousel" by Ngo Duong Thao Nhi.

 "Glam rock" by Ngo Hong Minh.

Collection "Shape of Sound" by Nguyen Khanh Thu.

 "Eastern Grace" by Ngo Thi Ha Trang.

Collection "Queen Bee" by Ngo Thi Tuyet Van.

Story: Ngan Ha – Photos: Tran Thanh Giang