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“I, Me, Mine” – A Collection of ‘Self-Portraits’

“I, Me, Mine” is a group exhibition which shows the fates and souls full of emotions and an innate desire to understand who we are.
In the exhibition which was held at the Factory of Contemporary Arts Centre in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, five emerging artist are featured, including Tran Kim Hoa, Do Nguyen Lap Xuan, Hoang Nam Viet, Xuan Ha (Grandmadeadxh) and Ao Kim Ngan (Yatender).

 At the exhibition, viewers are taken on a journey to explore the cornerstones of the ‘self’ – place, connection, appearance and perception – examining how these continually interweaving elements shape the artistic and emotional expression that becomes fundamental to human character.

The audience will be drawn into diverse approaches to “self-expression” from Kim Hoa’s “Bonsai” painting series and her “Women” installation capturing the complexity of womanhood via the reflection of herself in a mirror to Lap Xuan’s “Nothingness”, a conceptual performative installation, situated between a psychology of the self in absolute reality, and a mental inquisition, where possessiveness is confronted and re-interpreted via a study of the subconscious. Hoang Nam Viet’s light-box installation titled “Brighten Up” gives three expressions of survival and self-preservation, examining the postures of one character as habit, character and perception and Xuan Ha’s “Virtual Realm”, a silk painting series hanging perpendicular to the wall and the animation “Immerse” whisper her introvert emotions.

The space of the exhibition at the Factory.

The exhibition draws attention from the public.
The exhibition gives audiences different perceptions.

The exhibition gives the audience a chance to enjoy a special space of contemporary art.

Ao Kim Ngan’s “2-1’ installation is privately displayed in a separate area of the Factory, told through film and photography via the dating app ‘Tinder’, capturing random moments of her desire to escape the narrow worldview of circumstance and reach across great distances to touch something real.

Self-portraiture is a common way for an artist to reflect and express who they are. In Vietnam, the story of abstraction and conceptual art is a relatively recent phenomenon. The development of artistic expression has been greatly impacted by the colonial influence of the French and the political upheaval of the Vietnam War. Since 1986, artists in Vietnam have increasingly found innovative and interdisciplinary ways to express who they are today.

Tran Kim Hoa’s works give different nuances for characters.

Tran Kim Hoa’s works of women impress the audience.

Works by Hoang Nam Viet.
The space for displaying Hoang Nam Viet’s works.
A work by Xuan Ha.

The installation work of Xuan Ha.
The space for displaying works by Xuan Ha.
Do Nguyen Lap Xuan’s works.
The space for displaying Do Nguyen Lap Xuan’s works.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat - Photos: Nguyen Luan