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“Grey Fairy Tales” from Painter Khoa Le

A little girl floating with many fairy tales was the main character of an exhibition themed “Grey Fairy Tales”.
Khoa Le was born in 1982. She graduated from the applied arts department of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts. Khoa Le is an intelligent visual artist, also an illustrator, writer of short stories and comics for children. The artwork in the “Grey Fairy Tales” showed the rich imagination and skills of the artist and each painting seems to be a unique fairy tale. 

“Sang” (Glow).

“Go mun” (Ebony).

“Bai hat con ngai” (Moth Song).

 “Mo tuong” (Wandering Thoughts).

“Nhua” (Plastic).

 “Nguoi dep ngu” (Sleeping Beauty Fin)

“Nhưng canh cua” (Lost).

“Nhung con cuu dem” (Sheep Who Come at Night). 

 “Giay vang” (Gilded Shoes).

“Nguoi dep nhat” (the Fairest).

“Nuoc mat” (Cry Wolf). 

“Ky uc” (Memory).

“Tinh nhan” (Lovers).

Each work of Khoa Le leaves long impression on viewers.

She made her first painting at the age of three which described a little girl monitoring a spaceship. However, the mother of the little girl threw the spaceship into a dustbin that predicted an unhappy ending in fairy tales. Since then, her paintings are always about girls being in coma. In each painting, viewers see thoughts and light sadness in both the dream and real world.
Khoa Le said that she used different materials to make the background and patterns of these paintings which are scanned on the computer before combining them all together using a digital process. The designs are then printed on canvas and covered with a layer of special glue that make the paintings waterproof and have durable colours.

Digital art is mainly created on the computer. To complete a painting, painters must draw, mix colours and  make materials before the digital process.Therefore, it requires much more time than traditional artworks.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat - Photos: Nguyen Luan