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Graffiti Comes to Vietnam

Although introduced to Vietnam only a few years ago, graffiti has quickly become popular in this country, attracting a large number of young people who are passionate about creativity in the arts. 
In Vietnam, many groups of young people have engaged in the arts and Mat Viet Fine Arts is an example.  Founded in 2012, the group aims to promote the arts in Vietnam. Pham Van Thai, a member of the group acknowledged, "The group hopes to bring the arts and mosaic wall paintings to every corner and space in Vietnam so all people can see and feel them”.

Mat Viet Fine Arts Group has created a series of beautiful wall paintings, beautifying the living spaces in modern areas like Ecopark and Vinhomes and entertainment spaces of FLC group.

Wall painting is a type of decorative art in which the artist uses oil or acrylic paint to create drawings or unique shapes on a wall or other surface, often within public view. Using acrylic paint gives pictures a fresh colour and makes them durable, and acrylic paint is odorless, easy to clean and has a quick application.

In Vietnam, acrylic 3D paint is often used for decorations in entertainment centres, mega malls, cafés and restaurants or in kindergartens and educational spaces. With wall paintings, the living and working spaces in modern urban areas become more beautiful.

Young people from Mat Viet Fine Arts Group draw a mural as required by their customers.

It is easy to change the lay-out of the picture when using 3D acrylic paint which is fast drying and durable. 

Pham Van Thai, a member of Mat Viet Fine Arts Group, said that
the artists can show their creativity on walls of different sizes and surfaces. 

The artists show their creativity on walls. 

The arts give artists an opportunity to show their talents and creativity in every stroke to create impressive murals.
 Due to the large size of the painting, many people can draw at the same time. It is the time for good coordination
among team members.

The work requires Mat Viet Fine Arts Group’s members to show their creativity and good skills in team work.

3D wall paintings with powerful visual effects help create a new and lively spaces.

Graffiti helps create colourful living spaces.

Some wall paintings created by Mat Viet Fine Arts Group :

Story: Thuc Hien - Photos: Viet Cuong