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“Fashion and Antiques” Exhibition

An exhibition entitled “Fashion and Antiques” coorganised by the Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board and artists Nguyen Manh Duc, Ha Xuan Huong and Ha Tien Dung took place at the Culture Exchange Centre at 50 Dao DuyTu Street in Hoan Kiem District which was an impressive show for the audience.
Many Vietnamese antiques, including ancient statues and pottery objects dating back to the 16th – 19th centuries of antiquary Ha Tien Dung, were showcased at a meditative and ancient space inside the Hanoi Old Quarter area. The fanciful space of old objects served as a background for a fashion show of designer Ha Xuan Huong. The combination of antiques with dark hues and the stylish designs of ao yem and vay dup (Vietnamese brassiere and skirt) brought an aesthetic harmony.  Originating from the beauty of ancient pottery, Ha Xuan Huong  created 20 modern fashion designs which were decorated with pottery pieces and coins that honored the Vietnamese costumes. 

A ballet dancer performs at the exhibition. Photo: Le Bich

20 stylised costumes by designer Ha Xuan Huong. Photo: Le Bich

The unique performance  in the installation space of antiques creates a harmony for the exhibition. Photo: Le Bich

Valuable antiques dating  back to the 16th–19th centuries
of antiquary Ha Tien Dung are showcased at the exhibition. Photo: Le Bich

Rhythmic moves of ballet dancers show the beauty of the costumes. Photo: Le Bich

Antique pottery displayed at the exhibition. Photo: Le Bich

Designs stylised from yem ao and vay dup. Photo: Le Bich 

Ancient statues at the exhibition. Photo: Le Bich

Designs performed by ballet dancers create the difference for the exhibition.  Photo: Le Bich

These designs were performed by ballet dancers instead of professional models which gave the viewers an unforgettable experience. 
Story: Viet Cuong - Photos: Le Bich