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Exhibition promotes Vietnamese-French cultures

More than 90 works of art reflecting the inner life of Vietnamese and French painters and sculptors were displayed at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts in June. The exhibition was held by the Vietnam-France Fine Arts Association “La Seine et Le Mekong” to connect artists from the two countries.
The exhibition showcased 73 paintings in oil, acrylic, lacquer and mixed media, and 19 sculptures in wood and ceramic, by six Vietnamese artists and five French artists who showed their views about life through their unique and diverse use of colors.

Myriam Feuilloley’s Fish Tamer paintings demonstrate her limitless creativeness in anamorphic art. The French artist has been doing this form of art for 20 years.


Artists participating in the exhibition. Photo: Files

The exhibition attracts foreign visitors.

Myriam Feuiloley introduces her works of art. Photo: Files

Artist  Elisabeth Besnier poses with a visitor. Photo: Files

Elisabeth Besnier’s oil paintings reflect the feelings on women’s faces, gestures and bodies. Elisabeth studied visual arts at the Paris College of Arts and has won top prizes at several arts contests in France.

Vietnamese artist Nguyen Cong Hoai’s paintings obsessed viewers with distorted faces wrapped in cling film which show different shades of feelings.

“I paint whenever I see or grasp moments where a person reveals his/her inner feelings,” Hoai said.

Normandy-based Le Mai Diem Thuy brought to the exhibition nature-inspired art works which are a combination of Vietnamese and French cultures.

Sculptor Nguyen Mau Tam Thu’s ceramic art works impressed viewers with their striking colors, giving them different tones of emotion.

The exhibition offered artists from the two countries an insight into each other’s cultures by exploring the daily lives of local people. It also gave the artists an opportunity to meet art enthusiasts and share their experiences, thus promoting a cultural exchange between Vietnam and France.

This was the second international fine arts exchange exhibition held by La Seine et Le Mekong. The first exhibition took place in France in May 2017, with the participation of Vietnamese painters Luong Huu Bien and Normandy artists, drawing large numbers of visitors.

The Vietnam-France Fine Arts Association “La Seine et Le Mekong” was founded by Nguyen Kim Chi and Loiselier Freddy in Normandy in 2015, with an aim to create a cultural bridge connecting Vietnam and France through annual exchange exhibitions.

Born and raised in the southwestern region of Vietnam, Kim Chi is living in Normandy. Chi had several private exhibitions in France and won the first prize in a Normandy impressionist painting contest held in La Bouille./.

Reflection by Elisabeth Besnier.

Red silk band by Luu Luong Bien.

Pomfret fish taming by Myriam Feuilloley.

Another fish taming painting by Myriam Feuilloley.

Out of tune by Nguyen Cong Hoai.

Pumpkin festival by Eugéniya Zharaya.

Trees by Huynh Phuong Thi Dai Trang.

Thinking of the past by Nguyen Kim Chi.

Eating rice together by Nguyen Kim Chi.

Being together by Le Mai Diem Thuy.

Set of four statues by Nguyen Mau Tan Thu.

Set of three statues by Nguyen Mau Tan Thu

By: Nguyen Luan - Thong Hai