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“Dau Dome 2017”

An exhibition called “Dau Dome 2017” to celebrate the Year of the Rooster recently took place at Hang Da Gallery in Hanoi. This is the third consecutive year artists of the G39 group have hosted an exhibition with the theme on animal designations of the Lunar New Year.
The two past exhibitions displayed artworks on the goat and monkey while this year’s exhibition focuses on the rooster which is presented in diverse materials, styles and methods.

The exhibition includes 60 artworks by 24 artists. Apart from oil paintings, lacquer, acrylic and Chinese ink on newspaper, Do paper, silk and canvas, artists created artworks on pottery plates, bottles and statues in Bat Trang pottery village and Huong Canh pottery village.


G39 artists create unique artworks to welcome spring. 

Some works from two famous pottery villages of Bat Trang and Huong Canh displayed at the exhibition. 

Visitors are presented paintings by artists at the exhibition. 

The joy of foreign visitors when receiving a painting at the exhibition.

At the exhibition, paintings by Tao Linh and Pham Long Quan show chicks while those bypainters Le Thiet Cuong and Le Pham Hien focus on roosters. The image of powerful fighting cocks is seen on the wok by Pham Tran Quan and  the phoenix-roosters symbolising happiness are on Vu Tuyen’s works. All give the viewer a pleasant and warm feeling to welcome the Lunar New Year. Viewers can see artists paintings roosters and may be presented with one of them.
Some artworks at the exhibition called “Dau Dome 2017”:

“Ke tu” by painter Pham Tran Quan.

A work on Do paper by  Nguyen Quang Thieu.

An oil painting by Nguyen Quang Thieu. 

Artworks not only reflect the image of roosters, but also refer
to the culture and customs of Vietnamese people in the past. 

A rooster painting by Nguyen Dinh Vu on acrylic.

A lacquer artwork by Nguyen Hong Phuong.

A delicate lacquer artwork. 

“Dinh Dau Welcomes Spring” by Nguyen Quoc Thang.

A  work by Nguyen Quoc Thang.

“Happiness” by Vu Tuyen.

A painting on silk by Nguyen Viet Anh.

“Rooster” by Le Thiet Cuong.

“Hen and Chicks” by Hoang Thi Phuong Lien.

Some rooster artworks on pottery products of Bat Trang and Huong Canh villages by the G39 artist group. 

By Tran Thanh Giang & Vu Khanh Long