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Carving Papayas

With their skillful hands, women at a “Binh an diem hen” class can turn humble papayas  into beautiful flowers. 
“Binh an diem hen” (The Peaceful Rendezvous) class on Hao Nam Street (Hanoi) was opened by Nguyen Thi Thu two years ago and has attracted students of different ages. Nguyen Thi Thu acknowledged that her passion for papaya carving started about 30 years ago. She decided to open the class with the aim of preserving an artistic craft of traditional women in Hanoi and transferring it to flower enthusiasts.

The papaya class called “Binh an diem hen” in Hao Nam was opened by and is taught by Nguyen Thi Thu.

Papaya carving procedures.

Removing the seeds of a papaya.

Forming petals.

Bending the skin to create naturally curving petals requires skills and deftness.

Colouring is the last procedure to complete a work of papaya carving.

To  look natural and realistic work, papayas  should be peeled, slit, cut and bended to form petals, and then coloured. It often takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete a decorative product, depending on how meticulous the maker is.

Each product made from papaya is a unique work resulting from the imagination and deftness of the maker. It can be pink peach blossoms, yellow chrysanthemums or purple water lilies. 

Hoang Thi Minh Thu said that she was really happy when she goes to the class. There, she is taught to form beautiful flowers as well as having the opportunity to make friends with people  with the same artistic enthusiasm.

The class has become a rendezvous during weekends for many as it helps release the worrisome concerns of daily life.

A water lily made from papaya.

An abstract work inspired by the image of a flamingo.

A cotton rose mallow made by students in “Binh an diem hen” class.

A chrysanthemum made from papaya.

Abstract roses.



An abstract creation inspired by images of a flamingo and lotus.

Story: Ngan Ha – Photos: Khanh Long