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An artist draws history with scale models

Artist Le Xuan Giang, who is called “witch” in scale modelling circles, owns a collection of original models showing the country and people of Vietnam. Giang says scale modelling is the liveliest way of telling the history.
“I, by chance, saw military models at a bookstore and became curious about scale modelling. After studying modelling, I found that scale models could be developed into works of art with stories behind them,” Le Xuan Giang, 32, from Ho Chi Minh City, explained how he got engaged in scale modelling.

In his small workshop in Binh Thanh district, we saw numerous original miniature models displayed in glass boxes. Many of these works have won international awards. 

Sketching the idea on paper. 

Checking the quality of a model.

A model with sophisticated details. 

Coloring stage.

Le Xuan Giang is called “witch” in scale modelling circles.
We were impressed by Giang's works which portray the country and people of Vietnam, particularly the Mekong delta region. His “Floating Market” beautifully demonstrates the water lifestyle and culture of Mekong delta people. This work of art won the silver award at the 2016 AFC Club Contest in Taiwan.

“Floating market”. Photo: Files

“Day of Return”. Photo: Files

“Heading for the Plain”

Details are displayed vividly.

A soldier’s determination shown in “Heading for the Plain”. 

A corner of the model “Heading for the Plain”.

Giang’s skillful hands make the image of the soldiers so lively.

Part of the model “Landing Eagle”

A soldier’s moment of thinking in the battlefield in “Landing Eagle”.

In 2017, Giang seized the gold award at the Malaysia Hobby Show with the model “Landing Eagle”.
Giang’s works are also seen at annual scale model shows in Shizouka, Japan.

Story and Photos: Nguyen Luan, Thong Hai & Files