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About time – The color of memorable moments

An exhibition entitled “About Time” showcasing paintings by amateurs was recently held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, attracting a lot of fine arts lovers.
With the slogan Beautiful moments and memories I carry into painting, the exhibition displayed nearly 120 art works reflecting the painters’ beloved memories about memorable places, objects or familiar people.

Designed in Art book style, the paintings were attached to the artists’ narrative telling the stories behind each painting as well as the painters’ feelings.

The painters joining “About time” do different jobs but share a common passion for painting. 

“About time” carries the message of sharing and remembering one’s origins.

The painters show beautiful memories in their paintings. 

Visitors are impressed by simple, natural and passionate brushstrokes.

Visitors can create their own works at the exhibition.

“About time” was the third event held by the Bui (Dust) fine arts non-professional artists community under an annual exhibition named Tim ve (Recollection) which is exclusively for amateur painters.

“About time” delivers the message of sharing, and remembering one’s origins and unforgettable impressions that one has had in their life or merely a memorable moment which suddenly came back to one’s mind. These beautiful memories were put into paintings by members of the Bui fine arts non-professional artists’ community.

“The process of creating art is not only to finish a painting but also to explore oneself, and meet interesting and enthusiastic friends who inspire us to study and improve ourselves,” said Truong Thanh Hang, who painted “Cooking on a summer day” (Vao bep ngay Ha).

During the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, an introduction of Styrofoam art was presented to art lovers by the Bui community.

“About time” is this year’s theme of an exhibition entitled “Tim ve” (Recollection) held annually by the Bui fine arts non-professional artists community, which aimed to create a working space for non-professional painters./.

Paintings on display at “About Time”:

Cooking on a summer day by Truong Thanh Hang.

Sunset over the sea by Nguyen Thi Ha Ngan.

Sunrise on a winter’s day by Nguyen Hoa Hong.

Dust – a peaceful place by Pham Cong Danh.

Only memories remain by Vu Thi Bao Nhung.

A corner of spring by Nguyen Thi Thai Lanh.

Under a peach blossom canopy by Cao Nha Lam.

Younger sister by Tran Chi Mai.

Flying Hope by Bui Kim Phung.

A memory corner by Ly Tieu Diep.

For someone out there by Le Thi Ngoc Quynh.

Spring by Nguyen Duong Thuy.

A Hoi An sunset and you by Pham Thu Trang.

Color of winter by Tran Phan Nam Phuong.

Waiting by Nguyen Thi Thai Lanh.

Peaceful moment by Ha Thi Tra Mai.

Saigon 20 by Ly Tieu Diep.

Sunday morning by Nguyen Le Thanh.

Me and space by Pham Cong Danh.

Summer noon by Doan Khanh Quynh.

Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Nguyen Luan