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L’Association des cinéastes du Vietnam proteste contre les actes de la Chine

r son is now financially supported by the United Nations.

Enjoying a normal life.

Hue's mother-in-law helps her a lot in life.nbsp;

Integrating in the community.nbsp;

Pham Thi Hue from Haiphong Port City has made remarkable contributions to popularizing information to prevent and fight HIV/AIDS. Above all of this is her aspiration for a useful life and her effort to overcome personal grief and declare: "Yes, I'm HIV-infected". Hue is a bright example for many people who share the same situation with her.

It was hard to believe that the 24-year-old woman in front of me is infected with the horrific disease. She is a beautiful woman. Her beauty is radiant, youthful and full of vitality. It seems that there is some light so natural coming from her. That's the light of self-confidence, strong will and great endeavour.

nbsp;A life that is not for a human being

Hue had once a happy family. She was a worker of a shoe-making workshop, and her husband, Ha Minh Thao, was a chef of a famous restaurant in Kien An (Haiphong). They enjoyed a happy life, in love and supporting of their families. In early 2001 Hue gave birth to a lovely boy, which would have brought an enormous happiness to them if the doctor had not informed them that Hue was infected with HIV. Life turned horrific. In the hospital Hue was separated completely from the others, wearing only a dress of a new mother and taking care of herself. Eight days later she left the hospital with nobody around, except her husband. Hue could notgi sa sphère d’activité en déplaçant sa plate-forme sur un nouveau site situé à 15 degrés 33 minutes 36 secondes de latitude Nord et 111 degrés 34 minutes et 11 secondes de longitude Est, 60 milles marins à l’intérieur du plateau continental et dans la zone économique exclusive du Vietnam. -VNA/VI