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VECO Vietnam

VECO Vietnam is a branch of Vredeseilanden, a Belgian organisation which operates in the field of agricultural development. For over 20 years, VECO Vietnam has supported many localities to improve their production capacity and develop a production model in groups for sustainable poverty escape.
Ph.D  Eduardo A. Sabio, Regional representative of VECO Vietnam in Hanoi acknowledged that Vietnam has great potential in agricultural production, but its farmers face problems of accessing science – technology and trade skills. Therefore, VECO Vietnam helps them increase their team working ability, creating a chain of products from cultivating to selling to the market.

In recent years, VECO has assisted many localities in growing organic and safe vegetables, meeting the PGS standards of Vietnam. It also  coordinated with the Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association (VINASTAS) to popularlise knowledge about using healthy vegetables and promoting the coordination of producers, enterprises and consumers. As a result, some models of growing safe vegetables in Trac Van (Ha Nam), Thanh Xuan (Hanoi) and Viet Tri (Phu Tho) have operated well, bringing high economic value to farmers.

Checking the process of growing organic vegetables in Trac Van, Ha Nam. Photo: Trinh  Bo

Composting organic fertilizers for growing safe vegetables. Photo: Tat Son 

Shading for newly planted vegetables in Trac Van, Ha Nam. Photo: Trinh Bo

In a field of safe vegetables. Photo: Trinh Bo

Farmers exchange ideas during the process of growing safe vegetables. Photo: Trinh Bo

A group meeting of members of Trac Van Organic Vegetable Cooperative. Photo: Trinh Bo

Vice Chairman of the Trac Van People’s Committee in Ha Nam Nguyen Van Huan alks with farmers
about the plan for the new crop. Photo: Trinh Bo

A seedling garden of Van Noi Cooperative, Vinh Phuc Province. Photo: File 

Harvesting colza. Photo: Tat Son

Weighing vegetables before packing. Photo: Tat Son

Sticking the stamp of PGS standard  on vegetables. Photo: Tat Son

Some organic products of Thanh Xuan Safe Vegetable Cooperative in Soc Son District, Hanoi. Photo: Trinh Bo

Some kinds of organic vegetable from Trac Van, Ha Nam. Photo: Trinh Bo 

A foreign customer buys safe vegetables of Trac Van Organic Vegetable Cooperative. Photo: Trinh Bo

With the guidance of VECO’s cadres, we visited Trac Van Organic Vegetable Cooperative of PGS standards in Trac Van, Ha Nam which has received support from VECO to successfully apply standards of producing organic vegetables recorgnised by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).  With a total area of more than one hectare, the cooperative produces about  2.5tonnes/month of 30 varieties of organic vegetables and bulbs which are much sought after by customers in the provinces of Ha Nam, Nam Dinh and Hanoi.

Besides Ha Nam, VECO has also supported Phu Tho Province to create a chain of producing and distributing safe vegetable in the city of Viet Tri and its neighbouring areas. It has also supported the province to develop a chain of tea cultivation in Luong Son Commune, Yen Lap District to use the land’s potential. The district established a tea growing cooperative of  370 members.

It may be said that the support  for establishing cooperatives and groups of farms for sustainable production is one of VECO’s top priotised targets in its efforts to help Vietnamese farmers escape poverty. Through these models, the farmers can share their experience to enhance production effectiveness and get a stable and larger profit.

Story: Bich Van - Photos: Trinh Van Bo, Tat Son & Files