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Exhibition features Hanoi’s relic sites, cultural heritages chosen for filming locations

An exhibition showcasing Hanoi’s various historical relic sites and cultural heritages featured in films is taking place in the capital city as part of the sixth Hanoi International Film Festival 2022.

Hosted by the Vietnam Film Institute from November 8-12, the event is expected to introduce cultural traditions, peace-loving, and development of Hanoi to audience and international friends. 

On display are more than 200 photos of numerous relic sites and cultural heritages, which were settings of cinematographic works used by both local and foreign filmmakers.

Particularly, about 150 photos are selected from 29 feature films and documentaries, and about 50 others show the true beauty of Hanoi in the past, as well as its recent development taken by filmmaker Pham Thanh Ha, photographers Nguyen Huu Bao, and Hoang Huu Khanh.

The exhibition offers a chance for visitors to see scenes from Hanoi in famous films, including “Hanoi Mua Chim Lam To” (Hanoi in the season for birds to build nests), “Em be Ha Noi” (The Hanoian Little Girl), “Sao Thang Tam” “Dien Bien Phu”, “Mua oi” , “Ha Noi 12 ngay dem, among others./.