Tiny Ink: Harmonizing fashion and art

Tiny Ink is a leading Vietnamese clothing brand which combines fashion and painting. Their garments with hand-painted patterns reveal the beauty of Vietnamese culture.
Designer Hoang Quyen, owner of Tiny Ink, began working on hand painted fashion designs in 2012. Encouraged by positive responses from the market after launching her first hand-painted garments, Quyen opened the first Tiny Ink shop in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2013.

After nearly seven years, Tiny Ink now has a wide range of styles in diverse colors, materials, and painted designs. The materials of Tiny Ink garments range from taffeta and cotton, imported from Italy and France, to Ma Chau silk from Quang Nam province.

Quyen initiates her own design themes. She then discusses with the design team to decide on the patterns related to that theme. The patterns are sketched on paper and then tested on fabric before they are hand-painted on the selected materials. The stage of painting on cloth must be done carefully because any errors mean discarding the whole garment.

Tiny Ink designers discuss the theme of a collection. 

After deciding on the theme, designers begin their work. 

Tiny Ink has successfully combined fashion and painting.

Quyen paints a pattern on a dress.

All Tiny Ink collections are inspired from oriental culture, particularly Vietnamese folk culture and arts. Tiny Ink hand paintings, mostly oil and lacquer, show a perfect harmony between colors, patterns and the type of fabric. Tiny Ink’s painted patterns are just like stories praising the beautiful nature and original culture of Vietnam.

Among Tiny Ink’s popular collections are “Duyen” (grace), which is inspired from the famous Vietnamese folk tale “Tam Cam”; “Cao Nguyen” (highlands), which portrays the beautiful scenery of the Northwest; and Ao dai Tet with patterns of a rooster and dragon, two symbolic animals in Vietnamese folklore.

Tiny Ink designs are inspired from Vietnamese culture:

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Thong Hai

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