The beauty of the Agarwood land

Known as the land of Agarwood, Khanh Hoa has caught the eye of many photographers because of its beauty and special charm. The photo collection "The beauty of Agarwood" by Do Tuan Ngoc, a native of Khanh Hoa, shows new things that attract viewers. Do Tuan Ngoc is currently a member of the Khanh Hoa Association of Literature and Arts. He also works as the Deputy Head of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists in Khanh Hoa. Born in 1974, Do Tuan Ngoc has made his mark from many prestigious photography awards with his abilities in landscape photography. Ngoc said “I don’t need to travel far away because I am fascinated by the beauty of my hometown, Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa.”

Talking about the point of view of photography, Ngoc said: "It is important to understand the wide landscape and the cultural perception in the daily production of landscape photography. More specifically, it is necessary to have unique instincts. It takes a different kind of personality to create image quality in each frame”.

 Photographer Do Tuan Ngoc. 

Panoramic view of the photo collection "The beauty of Agarwood" by Do Tuan Ngoc.
According to Ngoc, photography has given him a lot. "Thanks to photography, I can understand the true, the good and the beautiful. I can listen, understand and learn more about the beauty around me," he said.

Few people know that Do Tuan Ngoc has overcome an illness thanks to photography. "The true, the good and the beautiful in landscape photos are very difficult to show, but with the mind of a person who has overcome an illness, I have photographed Nha Trang's Pig cave in exactly the way I wanted,” said Ngoc.

“Celebrating 40 years of Nha Trang’s liberation”. 

The work "Sunset in Nha Trang".

"Mice shrine, summer 2020".

The work "Moss season on Nha Trang beach". 

"Sparkling Ponaga tower". 

"Nha Trang - the city I love". 

"Tran Phu bridge, Nha Trang".
Talking about his future plans, the photographer said "My colleagues and I are indebted to the people in my hometown for an elaborate, monumental set of photos with more diverse works". Ngoc has chosen a 10-year milestone to complete a set of photos of Vietnamese landscapes as well as a special set of photos dedicated to the people of the land of Agarwood.

"Pig cave in the typhoon season".

“Lo Kho, Nha Trang”. 

"Bat cave, Nha Trang".


"Red fishing-nets knitting season". 

"Heart of the sea". 

“Conserving coral”. 

"Drying anchovies".

“Harvesting salt at night”. 

Story: Thao Vy - Photos: Do Tuan Ngoc

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