Saigon seen through the lens of Jet Huynh

Any photographer who has sold photos online to Getty images must recognize photographer Jet Huynh, who owns a gallery of 3,100 photographs on that site. 
Jet Huynh, or Huynh Thu, was born in 1976 in Cho Lon (Big Market), district 5, Ho Chi Minh City.

An information technology graduate, his time working in graphic design ignited Jet’s passion for photography.

In 2008, when Jet started his photography career with a Canon DSLR camera, he took photos of everything that flashed in front of his eyes.

When his photography skills improved, Jet switched to landscape and everyday life photography.

Not until Jet used his camera did he explore district 5, where he was born and grew up and thought he knew all of its corners.

A district 5 with its typical color and cultural traits was reflected through each of Jet Huynh’s delicate photos. 

Children play at Pham The Hien apartment building in the afternoon sun light. 

A residential area in ward 6, district 5.

An old apartment building in Soai Kinh Lam, Cho Lon, district 5.

"A hat vendor", taken in front of Hoi Son pagoda, district 9. 

Colors of the apartments in Saigon. 

Rush hour traffic in Saigon. 

A helmet shop. 

The color of time in an old apartment building. 

Inside an old apartment building in Saigon.  

A store selling building materials.

Thien Hau pagoda in district 1.

A Saigon street vendor.

Saigon river in the afternoon. 

District 4 during high tides.

Childhood space in Saigon.

In front of a kindergarten in district 11, near Dam Sen water park. 

An ethnic girl from Tay Ninh. 

A staircase at an old apartment building in Saigon.

Jet’s photographs combine the elements of moments, creativity and messages. He has won awards in global photography competitions, including first prize, Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2015 and second prize, Sony World Photography Awards 2018.

Jet Huynh doesn’t call himself a professional but his qualities and working style reflect it. Jet is passionate about his job, humble and always ready to share his photographic experiences
By Ly Hoang Long

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