Photo exhibition shows love for the Spratly Islands

An exhibition entitled “Truong Sa in our hearts” was held in Hanoi, showcasing 120 photos taken on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago by Vietnamese journalists and photographers.
Truong Sa archipelago has been a desirable destination for many Vietnamese people, especially artists and journalists. The organization of the exhibition was initiated by Tran Thi Thu Dong, Vice director of the Department of Fine Art, Photography, and Exhibition, after her first trip to the islands. 

The exhibition was named “Truong Sa in our hearts” because of the love for Truong Sa from people on the mainland, according to Nguyen The Ky, Chairman of Central Council for Theory and Criticism of Literature and Art.

The exhibition showcases the works by 12 photographers, who want to spread the love for the Spratly Islands to mainlanders. 

Nguyen The Ky is the person who named the exhibition “Truong Sa in our hearts”.

“Truong Sa in our hearts” helps the audience understand more about the archipelago.

The exhibition attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

The 120 photos on display depict the life of the people and soldiers who live on and protect the archipelago. Everything on the archipelago, from the sand, trees and animals to people seem to be the endless inspiration for the photographers.

Through the photos, the audience, though never having been to Truong Sa, can understand the hardship of the people living on the archipelago, from the soldiers who protect the national sea and island sovereignty, to the teachers and children who go to school every day despite numerous shortages.

Vu Quoc Khanh, chairman of the Vietnam Association for Photographic Artists, said: “Being lucky to have had a chance to visit Truong Sa archipelago, I want to convey my love for our sea through my lens and bring the islands and the sea closer to mainlanders and tourists”

“Miracle Truong Sa” by My Tra.

“Loving sea” by Thach Cong Thinh.

“Parade” by Ha Huu Duc.

“Patrol around Nam Yet Island” by Hoang Ngoc Thach.

“Childhood on the island” by Le Quang Dung.

“Children on Truong Sa Lon island” by Hoang Ngoc Thach.

“The cook on the DK1 platform” by Ly Hoang Long.

“Going to Sinh Ton island (Grierson Reef)” by Nguyen Tat Be.

“The requiem in commemoration of Gac Ma fallen soldiers” by Ta Hoang Nguyen.

“To quoc noi dau song” (the most dangerous position on the nation’s sea) by My Tra.

“Standing in combat position” by Ly Hoang Long.

“Bach Dang battle to defend the nation’s sea and island sovereignty” by Vu Khanh.

“The leaders of a delegation on naval ship 491” by Thu Dong.

“A musical performance on the island of Da Dong A (East London Reef)” by Thu Dong.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Tat Son

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