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Exciting street carnival at Hue Festival 2022

Tens of thousands of visitors and locals in the Imperial City of Hue flocked to the streets to dump in the bustling atmosphere of a street carnival at Hue Festival 2022 and enjoy the impressive and unique performances of domestic and international artist troupes.



Taking place during three days, the street carnival themed “colors of culture brought to visitors and locals a unique feast of music and dances performed by artistic troupes from domestic localities and other countries. These the Hue Dragon-Lion-Unicorn Dance troupe, the Lao Cai traditional art troupe, the Dak Lak folk dance troupe, the Vietnam Circus Federation, and the Russian Belogorie dance troupe.

With cultural diversity, performances at the  street carnival created a vibrant and bustling atmosphere on many streets of the imperial city during the Hue Festival 2022.

The street carnival was one of major events which contributed to making the Hue festival’s features, affirming and honoring the cultural values of Vietnam around the world.

Exciting atmosphere near Truong Tien bridge. Photo: Cong Dat
Tens of thousands visitors flock to the street to join in the street carnival. Photo: Cong Dat
Belogorie art troupe of Russia at the festival. Photo: Cong Dat
Hue royal kites. Photo: Cong Dat
Artists from the Central Highlands. Photo: Cong Dat
The sound of the forest and mountain. Photo: Cong Datt
A parade of classical cars. Photo: Cong Dat
Locals exchange with Russian artists. Photo: Thanh Hoa
Fiery dances on the street. Photo: Thanh Hoa
A foreign visitor is interested in a performance. Photo: Thanh Hoa
Exciting dances by young men. Photo: Thanh Hoa
A dragon dance on the street. Photo: Thanh Hoa
A funny clown. Photo: Thanh Hoa
Brazilian artists at the carnival. Photo: Thanh Hoa
An impressive performance by artists from Tay Bac (northwest region in Vietnam). Photo: Thanh Hoa
Graceful female artist from Tay Bac. Photo: Thanh Hoa
Gentle Hue girls. Photo: Thanh Hoa
Foreign visitors join the carnival. Photo: Thanh Hoa
A parade of artists on Hung Vuong road. Photo: Cong Dat
The carnival seen from a balcony. Photo: Thanh Hoa

By Thanh Hoa & Cong Dat

Decoding the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Decoding the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (Hanoi) is a magnificent architectural work of Vietnam, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Recently, the Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center has re-launched the night tour “Decoding the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long” for domestic and foreign tourists.