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Delegations set sail for Truong Sa for Tet

Delegations of military officers and soldiers set sail for Truong Sa (Spratly Islands) to visit those performing duties on Vietnam’s archipelago in Khanh Hoa province on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.  The trip conveyed the profound attention paid by the Party, State, and people nationwide to the soldiers and residents in Truong Sa.
Addressing the sendoff ceremony held at Cam Ranh military port in Khanh Hoa central province, Rear Admiral Nguyen Duc Vuong, Political Commissar of Naval Region 4, expressed his belief that the officers and soldiers assuming the new tasks in Truong Sa archipelago will overcome all difficulties to fulfill their tasks.

The delegations were aboard three ships of Naval Region 4, HQ 561, KN 490, and KN 491, which carried tens of tons of Tet gift packages sent by military units and people nationwide to soldiers and residents on the 33 islands of the archipelago. The gifts included Tet traditional foods anf fruits such as sticky rice, pork, chicken, dong leaves, green bananas, pomelos, kumquat trees, and flowers.

Ships HQ 561, KN 490 and KN 491 carry the sentiment of the people from the mainland to the soldiers and residents in Truong Sa.

The Tet gifts are carefully packed.

Kumquat trees, a symbol of Tet, are transported to Truong Sa.

Fruits and vegetables are also taken to the islands.

A soldier exchange ceremony is held at Cam Ranh military port in Khanh Hoa province.

Leaders of Khanh Hoa province give Tet wishes to soldiers who will assume the new tasks in Truong Sa.

Officers and soldiers depart for their mission in Truong Sa.

Students see the soldiers off.

Bidding farewell at Cam Ranh port.

Songs are sung before the ships leave the port.

A soldier's family sees him off at the port.

Smiles before departure.

Young soldiers ready for challenges on the remote islands.

Departing Cam Ranh military port in Khanh Hoa.

Tet gift packages arrive at Toc Tan (Alison) Reef A.

A Tet gift is presented to Sinh Ton pagoda.

Having fulfilled their tasks in Truong Sa, the soldiers will be assigned new tasks in Naval Region 4.

Visiting the islands, the delegations paid tribute to fallen heroes, including those who sacrificed their lives in the Gac Ma (Johnson South) Reef battle, and gave Tet gifts to soldiers and local residents. During the visit, sports and cultural exchange events were held.

The visit was great support and encouragement for soldiers and residents on Truong Sa to overcome difficulties to fulfill the tasks of protecting the country’s sea and islands, as assigned by the Party and people.

By Thong Hai

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