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Cassava sweet soup

As a special street food in Hanoi, Cassava sweet soup has become a popular desert and a brilliant gem in Vietnamese cuisine.

It is a perfect mix of sweet gelatinous broth, sticky, tender cassava, coconut milk, crunchy peanuts and coconut meat which has pleased the palates of many people.

The cassava should be prepared carefully before eating. First, peel away the cassava skin and boil the white flesh in water with salt for 15-20 minutes until well-done, then slice the boiled cassava into medium-sized pieces.

Cassava sweet soup. 

The most sophisticated step is preparing the sweet soup. Mix white sugar with warm water until the soup is sweet enough. Then, add a little tapioca powder to the mixture and simmer it all at a low temperature. The ginger juice can be added to create a distinctive and deeper flavor for the soup.

Main ingredients to cook the sweet soup. 

Finally, you can add sliced coconut or coconut milk and roasted peanuts to the soup to give it an amazing flavor.

By Tran Thanh Giang Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Vibrant and refreshing, vegetarian summer rolls are a delight even for committed vegetarians. These light and flavorful wraps burst with an array of colorful vegetables, fresh mushrooms, and a dipping sauce that tantalizes the taste buds. Beyond their visual appeal, summer rolls pack a nutritious punch, making them a perfect option for healthy lunches or light dinners on hot summer days.