Culture highlights

Buon Ma Thuot Street Festival

One of the highlights of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival was the Buon Ma Thuot street Festival, themed “Buon Ma Thuot - The convergence of the three coffee civilizations of the world” with performances imbued with the cultural identity of the Central Highlands, attracting tourists and creating a joyful atmosphere.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang speaks at the opening ceremony of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
An impressive performance at the opening ceremony of the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
Graceful dances performed by the Central Highlands’ girls. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
Reintroducing the cultural space of the Central Highlands’ gongs. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP

The performance telling about the formation of the legendary Central Highlands basalt land. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP 

Local residents and tourists enjoy the festival's atmosphere at the intersection of downtown Buon Ma Thuot city. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNA
Central Highlands artisans perform gongs on the street. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
A parade at the street festival. Photo: Thanh Hoa/VNP
Elephant and coffee symbols of Buon Ma Thuot at the street festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
Vibrant colors of ethnic cultures at the street festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
The beauty of an ethnic minority woman in Dak Lak province. Photo: Thanh Hoa/VNP
South Korea’s Jeollabuk art troupe perform at the street festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
A South Korean female artist interacting with Vietnamese audience. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNP
The Dak Lak Youth Brass Band. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNA
Vietnamese beauty queens and models participate in the festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNA
The skilled acrobatics of street circus performers. Photo: Thanh Hoa/VNP
Excited young people at the festival. Photo: Trinh Bo/VNA

As one of the most anticipated activities, this year’s festival attracted more than 20,000 locals and tourists. Spectators had a chance to see unique art repertoires introducing coffee civilizations as well as a gong parade of the E De, E De Bih, Xo Dang, Gia Rai and Muong ethnic minority groups.

The street festival had nearly 1,500 people in the parade, including the local children, farmers, and businesses from 15 regions in Dak Lak province, as well as hundreds of actors, artists, domestic and foreign street art troupes. These included the Jeollabuk provincial art troupe (South Korea), Mondulkiri province (Cambodia) and Champasak province (Laos).

In addition, the street festival brought an opportunity to connect and promote tourism, promote the cultural and economic values of coffee, promote the Buon Ma Thuot coffee brand globally, as well as affirm the position of Buon Ma Thuot city - a destination of coffee in the world .

According to the organizers, the festival attracted more than 90,000 visitors, including 600 foreigners to Dak Lak. The festival left a special impression on the delegates, residents, and visitors, thereby raising the value and honoring Vietnamese coffee products, especially the Buon Ma Thuot coffee brand. The festival aimed to promote the development of high-quality coffee with the aspiration to make Buon Ma Thuot become a "City of Coffee" in the word. 

By Trinh Bo & Thanh Hoa/VNP Translated by Hong Hanh