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Banh mi 25

Banh mi 25 is a favorite shop in Hanoi for foreign visitors who are fans of the Vietnamese sandwich.
Banh mi 25, a 5-star food brand on travel website TripAdvisor, is favored by foreign visitors in Hanoi because of its diverse taste, special flavors and friendly staff.

Spending about two hours at Banh mi 25, I found that most diners at the crowded shop were foreigners.

“It is the first time I tried banh mi in Hanoi old quarter and this has been the best so far,” said Malan-du, who decided to try Banh mi 25 after her thorough study on foods and destinations in Hanoi on TripAdvisor.

Located on Hang Ca street, Banh mi 25 attracts both foreign and domestic visitors.

The ingredients are fresh and safe. 

Banh mi 25 offers diverse fillings .

Ready for serving. 

View of Hanoi old quarter seen from
Banh mi 25.

At only 1.1-1.5 US dollars, one can have a tasty banh mi.

Shop owner Dong Linh Phuong said Banh mi 25 is different from others in that it offers diners diverse taste and flavors by introducing various fillings instead of the traditional ones such as pate, sausage and meat. 

At only 25,000-35,000 dong (1.1-1.5 US dollars), one can have a tasty banh mi filled with chicken, char siu pork, pate, egg or even vegetarian. 
Banh mi 25 in Hanoi
No. 25 Hang Ca street and No. 60 Lo Ren street
Phone: (+84) 977 668 895
Website: http://banhmi25.net/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/banhmi25/

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Khanh Long

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