ASEAN fights against terrorism and drug crime

Since its foundation, ASEAN has increasingly expanded cooperation in fighting transnational crimes, especially terrorism and drug crimes. Vietnam is an active member in that fight.
The 12th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime (AMMTC) held in October 2018 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, adopted the 2018-2025 plan of action to prevent and counter the rise of radicalization and violent extremism.
ASEANAPOL (ASEAN National Police Chiefs) was established in 1979 to connect police forces of regional countries in fighting transnational crimes. Since its establishment, ASEANAPOL has seen remarkable developments with its 10 member countries, 10 dialogue partners and six observers. ASEANAPOL’s cooperation to fight cross-border crimes has significantly contributed to maintaining national security and social order and safety in the region.

The 39th ASEAN Chiefs of Police Conference (ASEANAPOL) held in Hanoi in September sought to further cooperation in preventing and controlling crimes. These include the illegal drug trade, terrorism, weapon smuggling, human trafficking, trade and banking crime, credit card fraud, hi-tech crime, transnational scams, illegal trade of wildlife, and maritime crime.

ASEANAPOL 39 was held in Hanoi in September. Photo: VNA 

Mobile police at a terror attack mock drill. Photo: Doan Tan / VNA

Son La police arrested a wanted man in a drug crime case
in Loong Luong commune, Van Ho district, Son La in June 2018. Photo: VNA

The Philippine Police Special Action Force at a counter-terrorism drill in Manila. Photo: AFP / VNA

Arresting a terror suspect in Jakarta on May 17, 2019. Photo: AFP / VNA

Destroying drugs in Yangon, Myanmar on June 26, 2016. Photo: AFP / VNA

“The golden triangle which includes many ASEAN member countries remains a “hot spot” of opium growing and is emerging as a center for synthetic drug production in the world.”

Lieutenant General Pham Van Cac
Director of the Investigation Police Department of Drug Crimes, Ministry of Public Security
Lieutenant General Tran Van Ve, Head of the Office of the Criminal Investigation Agency under Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security, said that Vietnam has been with ASEANAPOL since it became an official member of ASEAN. Cooperation between the police of Vietnam and other ASEANAPOL members has been effective in recent years, citing drug crime cases in which Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand joined hands to fight.

Addressing the conference, Vietnamese Minister of Public Security General To Lam said the Southeast Asian region is facing a lot of challenges, including security and social order matters. The role of law enforcement agencies of ASEAN countries, including the police forces, is extremely important in preventing and combating crimes as well as ensuring national security and social order and safety.

“Vietnamese police have played an active and effective role in collaborating with regional countries in preventing and fighting transnational crimes through crime information exchange and coordinating investigations via bilateral, multilateral and regional mechanisms and channels.”
Kenechanh Phommachack, Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat
Story: VNP - Photos: VNA & AFP

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