AIPA-42: Promoting ASEAN Digital Community

The 42nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-42), themed "Forging Parliamentary Cooperation in Digital Inclusion towards ASEAN Community 2025”, concluded on August 25 after three working days via videoconference.
AIPA affirms commitment in building ASEAN Community

The 42nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) wrapped up with the signing of a joint communique facilitating regional digital inclusion.

According to the joint communique, AIPA-42’s theme of “Forging parliamentary co-operation in digital inclusion towards ASEAN Community 2025” covers, fosters and facilitates digital inclusion to further develop parliamentary co-operation in the context of the pandemic.

The theme also emphasises the role of parliamentarians in supporting the ASEAN 2025 vision towards to a politically-cohesive, economically-connected and social responsibility sharing community.

The resolutions adopted at AIPA-42 will create new ways forward for AIPA and ASEAN to work together to respond to regional and global challenges.

The joint communiqué also re-emphasises AIPA-42’s main activities as well as the contributions of the delegations.

In his closing remarks, Abdul Rahman Taib Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Lela, Speaker of the Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam and AIPA-42 President, reaffirmed that AIPA-42 has taken place in the spirit of solidarity and friendship. Member parliaments discussed important issues in various areas.

At the second plenary session the same day, delegates adopted resolutions of the AIPA Women Parliamentarians (WAIPA), committees on political, economic, social and organisational matters.

WAIPA approved a resolution on promoting women’s economic empowerment in the future of work and post-pandemic recovery through digital and financial inclusion.

The Committee on Political Matters adopted resolutions on strengthening parliamentary diplomacy towards the ASEAN Community; enhancing cybersecurity and data protection towards a resilient cyberspace in ASEAN; fostering human security in digital inclusion for ASEAN.

Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Vuong Dinh Hue led the Vietnamese delegation to attend the virtual opening ceremony of the 42nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-42). Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue and the delegation attending 
the 42nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-42). Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

AIPA-42 President speaks at the event's opening ceremony. Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue speaks at the event. Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

The Vietnamese delegation, headed by Nguyen Thuy Anh (center), Chairwoman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Social Affairs, at the event. Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Committee for External Relations Vu Hai Ha (center) attends the meeting. Photo: Nguyen Diep/VNA

Pham Thi Hong Yen, permanent member of the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Committee for Economic Affairs, speaks at the AIPA committee's meeting. Photo: Nguyen Diep/VNA

The Vietnamese delegation at the meeting of the Social Committee in the framework of AIPA 42. Photo: Nguyen Diep/VNA

Permanent member of the National Assembly’s Committee for External Relations Le Thu Ha speaks at the meeting of the Organizing Committee. Photo: Nguyen Diep/VNA

The AIPA Committee on Economic Matters approved two resolutions - one on promoting an inclusive digital ASEAN to improve micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises’ capacity and boost economic integration in the bloc, and another on post-pandemic economic recovery that focuses on tourism co-operation in ASEAN.

The Committee on Social Matters adopted a resolution on strengthening co-operation and promoting digital inclusion to mitigate the impacts of climate change; resolution on integrating global sustainable development goals into national goals; and resolution on the role of technology in facilitating constituents.

Vietnam demonstrates commitment and responsibility to ensure AIPA success

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue called for the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA)'s solidarity and common responsibility in cooperating and sharing experience, especially the application of science, technology, to effectively control the COVID-19 pandemic, while addressing the 42nd AIPA General Assembly via videoconference on August 23.

Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Vuong Dinh Hue on August 25 attended the second plenary session of the 42nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-42) via videoconference. Photo: Nguyen Diep/VNA

Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue attends the event's closing ceremony. Photo: Doan Tan/VNA
AIPA-42 President Abdul Rahman Taib speaks at the event's closing ceremony. Photo: Doan Tan/VNA

On the first day of the AIPA-42, Hue put forth five key points for further discussion. Firstly, removing legal barriers and improve the quality of online public services to develop e-government, while providing support for the people and businesses in gaining fair access to digital services. Secondly, narrowing the digital development gap between countries and enhancing digital skills in less developed regions, in turn ensuring equal and sustainable development among ASEAN countries. Thirdly, mobilizing social resources to promote the digital ecosystem via a public-private partnership, and establishing incubators for digital firms and startups. Fourthly, supporting initiatives on cyber-security, data privacy, and building public trust in the digital economy. Fifthly, enhancing cooperation and experience sharing in the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and other medicines, while giving governments more powers to respond to the pandemic in a more flexible and efficient manner.

He proposed encouraging the Governments of ASEAN members to carry out concrete programs, action plans and strategies pertaining to digital development; mobilizing social resources to develop a digital ecosystem via public - private partnership and create incubators to develop digital corporations and start-ups; and improving policies and legal frameworks and support initiatives in the cooperation within ASEAN and between ASEAN and its partners on cyber security, information privacy, data protection and confidence building in the digital sphere.

The Vietnamese National Assembly pledges to continue being an active and responsible AIPA member, for the development of parliamentary diplomacy and the interests of all people in ASEAN, he affirmed.

ASEANs Efforts to Develop Sustainable Fishing

ASEAN's Efforts to Develop Sustainable Fishing

With over 600 million people, ASEAN is one of the important regions in producing and consuming seafood products. In recent years, ASEAN countries have realized the importance of and made efforts to promote cooperation in developing the marine economy, especially in developing sustainable fishing.